Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Aunti" Yuppie

Hello and it's almost Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just wanted to let you know the latest in seed packet dilemmas.  I gathered some "Tree of Heaven" seeds a couple of days ago, and thought the name was Tree of Life.  Well, I couldn't verify that with a book or on the Internet, so I e-mailed the local town where I see alot of these trees.  I found their arborist and from a description of the tree and seeds he told me they were called Tree of Heaven, but known locally as "Tree from Hell". The male trees stink, and the females drop hoards of seeds that germinate easily... also they are drought resistant, which is a good thing here, but they start also by roots sending up suckers all over the place.  Now my dilemma, should I offer the seeds to poor unsuspecting ToTers?  or ditch the seeds in the garbage?  I did write a seed packet warning the unsuspecting gardeners.  How responsible do I have to feel here? I want the kids to have a good starter and quick grower - T of Heaven... at the same time I don't want my neighbors to suffer with a stinky or insistent weed of a tree from He double toothpicks.  I'm going to make up the packets, and add a tab saying "For Slytherin Gardeners".  Ha Ha Ha Ha! What do you think?
Little bit of Heaven, for some, or a little bit of Hell for others.  Isn't that the way with everything?
Here's wishing you a fun and wonderful Halloween.  Hope you have lots of cute and scary trick or treaters to brighten your door.
<3 U, Terri