Friday, October 24, 2014

New DP blocks and boxes

Newest blocks - made this week. Still not laid out in the layout of choice. There is a layout where the whites will make a "ring". Vickie Welch has a layout on her post today that looks like the one I have in mind that is called Wedding Ring. I saw that name somewhere. This is going to be another Granddaughter Wedding Quilt. I just hope the Grandgirls space out their weddings, so I can get their quilts done without stress. (That's usually not on their minds when choosing a date. I wonder why...LOL)


Above is how I do the curves - like a set in sleeve in dressmaking. Next I'll sew the seam by hand back stitch every stitch as tiny as I can get for strength.

My house is a mess today - workmen are finishing off the two bathrooms where there was some water damage, and in termite country we have to fix it for the new owner... Seems a terrible waste of materials to me. She will be remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen to get the surfaces she prefers, and these new ones will go in the landfill.
There are also piles of boxes all around the house and in the garage.

Everywhere I look! These are just some of the quilting boxes, there are  some in the closet, too. Also probably 100 boxes in the garage of assorted things from other rooms. I still have packing up to do in the kitchen and bathrooms, garage and OMG! some pictures on the walls yet, etc. I really don't want to think about it all.

In the middle of all that, Halloween. It's usually our bit of madness for the year, but this year it's the bit of sanity. Everything is relative.

So not much sewing going on here. I did get out my strips from Val to maybe sew on the machine during the day, but I think that time is all taken up in packing boxes, and readying Halloween.

Hope you are having a sane weekend. This is my second to last at this house. (Sigh)