Monday, September 15, 2014

Around the World Blog Tour (Hop)

I was reading blogs this morning and came across the Around the World Blog Hop written by Beth at Love Laugh Quilt, That reminded me... I was supposed to write one today! I was invited by Sarah at  Confessions of a Fabric Addict. (Check out her blog. Lots of pretty quilts and great stories.)

By way of introduction... I'm Terri and I enjoy quilting - especially paper piecing. I also love Halloween, Harry Potter and my Hubby... not necessarily in that order.  I make up lots of little plants to give away at Halloween in our diorama of the greenhouse in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban . The trick or treaters love that they get a little plant along with their candy. We love doing it, too.

We are supposed to show some pictures and answer some questions... Here goes.

Jazzy Snowballs 2013 Pattern from a Quilter's Newsletter or QuiltMaker Magazine in like 2010 or so.
Paper Pieced Butterflies from a pattern from Claudia. I don't see the same butterflies there anymore, but there are some shown in the gallery, so they must have been there once - right? Why she would take them down, I don't know, but they are beautiful and I enjoyed making a bunch of the 9 designs that I bought.
Simpler paper pieced butterflies - from the book 365 Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns (or something like that. All my books are packed away, and have been for over a year, so I can't check out the name. We are getting ready to move, and it has taken a year for our house to be sold. Finally, last weekend our buyer found our house! She sounds excited to buy it. I'm quite happy for her, but now I have to find one in Washington state that I like. Help!)
A red (Ford Anglia) for a blog friend's hubby.
Paper pieced, of course, from a Harry Potter pattern from Jennifer .

Donation blocks for a QoV for Alycia.

Grandson's I Spy quilt which is now my header on the blog.

Hubby's 70th birthday present. Made right under his nose for a QoV - or so he thought!

Paper pieced hexies for a QoV - still a WIP
This one being worked on as a quilt for H2H Happy Chemo
I'm late on the deadline by months... sorry. So many other things going on here.
Granddaughter wedding quilt finished in June 2014
I tried 2 other designs before I liked this one for them. 
 Most recent finish - a doll quilt for the Mrs. Claus project.
(See the button in the side bar.)
Apple cores paper pieced UFO
 Another paper pieced UFO

Dolly quilt made and sent years ago for the Mrs. Claus charity

a star for the female astronaut making a quilt

A quilt for my latest granddaughter (she is 8 months old and I started this 4 months before she arrived!) .. pink, white and lime green. Paper pieced of course... and I've been picking the paper for a year in between all kinds of other projects. I just recently restated it, and will be working on it as well as the other projects below.
In the works, tomatoes

and carrots. Paper pieced veggies - produce in process. Lol
 Below are the two projects I'm working on now. 2 "I love you" ASL symbols for a friend. 

This one needs some fixing... I messed up and added the wrong color on the bent finger, which makes it look fat. Can't have that!
And now the questions.
What am I working on?
See the above pictures. The hands should be in the snail mail today. Still a lot of work to do on the veggies. I'll show pictures of the finishes after the recipients get their gifts.
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Well, obviously, it's different because I did it.
Then there is the fact that any quilt is different from another in the design, colors and fabrics chosen and the pattern choice... and they are all unique in the arrangements of the blocks, too. You can try to make something exactly as another has designed, but there will always be the unique differences... fabric cut here and not there... the quilting is always an identifier. Then there is the label - mine says made by me and yours says made by you. LOL
Why do I write/create what I do?
Short answer: to use up all this fabric! lol
No, really I don't know what I would do if I didn't have something creative to do... clean house? Ugh! It might be necessary once in a while - like when the dust bunnies start to attack... but really, cleaning (incessantly) is for the people with no imagination or skills. I write my blog to join in the community of quilt bloggers. I've learned a bunch from this community, and shared a few thoughts. I enjoy the write/create (most of the time....)
So I think this does it for the blog hop/tour. I wish I had 3 in line to carry on from me, but I don't. If there are any visiting who would like to host one - please do.
Have a lovely week of sewing.