Monday, January 25, 2016

Special Pictures

You do know that I recently became a Great Grandma... (well, I always thought I was a great grandma) and here is my Granddaughter with my Great Grandson. (See the little piggies sticking out of the blanket?)

Look how alert he is... and this is still in the hospital!  Ashleigh says he looked at her right after delivery and when he heard his Daddy's voice he turned his head to look at him. Have you ever heard of a baby doing that - less than an hour after birth?  My kids were all geniuses (just ask me, I know) but this one takes the cake. He also held up his head for 10 seconds or so. WOW. Since he's been home he has tried to roll over, too. I thing she has her hands full with this Bright Penny.

Thanks for the pictures Ash.  Love you.