Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Design Wall Stacks

I am making some progress on my offering for H2H. I started earlier again this year because I am so slow at this hobby.  Everything takes me longer than it used to... sign of getting older.

Here is a picture of my cutting board as of last night. I'm using it as a staging area for making the strips.

  I assemble these pieces using pins then go sew them together. I'm trying not to have too many the same in the same area.

I'm hoping it'll look better after they are sewn together. 13 rows up on the wall. Using these 'moveable' design wall pieces, I'm going to have to sew together before I have the 40 rows done. This might be a good sew together spot.

Thanks for all the great grand son comments. I'll share more pictures as they come to me. (He did roll over at 2 weeks old, so I suppose he'll be running next week.) I am right proud to be his great granny. I guess you can tell.