Wednesday, September 28, 2011

getting close to 100

Oh, no! Not my age, although every day gets me closer! (An aside to the younger set... it gets you closer, too, and at the same rate as your granny. So don't be so smug!)  I'm approaching the 100th Blogaversary!  This one is the 96th.  I think I'll do a give away on my 100th - whenever that is.  You know me, I don't blog every day.  I think I'll offer some fabric... you all love fabric, don't you?  Stay tuned. I'll pick some out of my stash and show pictures on the 100th.

Some of you were interested in how the jury selection went. Luckily, they didn't choose me, Whew! I did have to sit through the day and one half that it took to get 18 people (12 for the jury and 6 as alternates - in case of sickness) that were selected. The lawyers asked lots of questions... I'm so glad that I didn't have to answer.  So last night we went out to dinner to celebrate my freedom!  (Don't get me wrong, it is wonderful that there is a court system, and I am innocent until proven guilty (at least in theory), but it is really hard to sit on a jury and decide fates for other people. I don't want anything to do with that kind of power. I'm a simple girl, I have been told...

Anyway, I got home and read some blogs, and now I'm thinking I should go get a job. I would like some money... mostly to share around.  They are hiring for a new JoAnn's (craft store) in our area, and there will be a Hobby Lobby coming soon, too.  I'd love to work off my bill at either of those places, because, you know, I will be ploughing my paycheck right back into stuff from the store.  Better that than I use money from the household funds.  So, much as I love to read all your blogs everyday, I may have to be more selective about the reading, just from a time management standpoint... We'll see.  They might decide they wouldn't want an old lady that has done it all and opt for a pretty face. Wish me luck?!!!!