Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The rest of the Folsom Quilt Show and a blue bird

 Loved the doggies in the windows of this quilt (shown above and below.)
The quilt below had more and bigger hearts below. I love the little flower garden below the house.
I love this one (below), too. The rings seemed to come and go.

This one is oranges, purples and pinks - they do too go together! It was so rich in person.

The tops of the flip flops are 3-D! Ribbons, lace and "jewels" embellished this modest footwear.

Woven? and spiky zig zags! It was gorgeous!

Love the border on this wonky quilt.
Now this one reminded me of a beloved blogger friend - the Houseelf... I hope she likes this one. The whole quilt is small pieces of different shapes and colors that are embroidered. (same quilt above and below)


This one and the next one I could  photograph the whole quilt... I could get far enough away to get the picture. It has some elements that I'd like to incorporate into my son's quilt.

Isn't this one amazing? I don't think I'd ever attempt one like this, but it is amazing to see.
So that's the last picture I took at the show. I couldn't buy any fabric, so I just walked around the vendors and enjoyed their quilts, too.
We saw one of these this week. The book says it's "fairly common"!!!!!!!!!! I've lived in CA now for over 30 years (where they should be winter and summer, says the book) and I've never seen one before.  I hope they like our yard.
We saw the Momma, I think. She wasn't as bright as the pictured male. Oh, and ours was from the second set, the Western Blue Bird.  We were quite tickled to see it at our watering dish. Maybe it's the blue bird of happiness.
So that's it for today... A return to HP paper piecing tomorrow.