Friday, May 16, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Hi, I'm Terri (or Theresa, depending on the occasion). You are friends, so please call me Terri.

I've been blogging for almost 4 years now. I especially love reading your blogs! (My reading list is waaaay longer than the one on the right column... Did you notice that you can have two completely different lists - one on the blog, and one on the dashboard reader's list? Changing one does not update the other.)

I love quilting (especially paper piecing). Some examples
The above patterns are from 365 Paper Piecing Patterns (a book that my Sister gave me for Christmas eons ago, and it's been like my paper piecing bible).

The above patterns were purchased from Claudia. They are more difficult, but sooooo worth the extra patience

 This is (easy) a kiss (not yet finished) from my paper piecing tutorial at Making Kisses. The pattern is from QuiltMaker Magazine.
Harry Potter Paper Pieced blocks (free patterns from Fandom in Stitches
Fandom has other patterns, too, like Disney Princesses, Lord of the Rings, Super Hero patterns - all free!
More Harry Potter Paper Pieced blocks.

So you know I love paper piecing, but I also love plants, Halloween, Harry Potter and that Hubby of mine... not necessarily in that order. I especially like to make quilts for charity.  Right now I'm trying to make a quilt for my first Grandgirl who is getting married in June. I changed my mind on the design 3 times, and even after 50 blocks into it, changed to another design and started over. I still don't like it. Can I change my mind again?

The quilt I'm showing for the Festival is the "I Spy" I made for my most recent grandson, good ol' #8.  He will be 2 years old late in August. Here's a picture of the quilt - It's also my banner right now.
I'm trying to get into the Blogger's Quilt Festival with Amy's Creative Side today. Couldn't find the linky party...

It has been my banner on this blog since last August... my most recent finish (shame on me). When I finish something else I'll put that one on the banner.

As proud as I am of this quilt, I'm prouder of my baby trees. I've started quite a few from pits or seeds. I have two fruit bearing apricot trees, a ginkgo, and a magnolia, silk oaks, Osage oranges and an elm. There are also oaks started from acorns. At Halloween we give away little plants (as well as candy) and seeds I've gathered from my yard and neighborhood. Here are some portraits of my babies.

 Above there are 4 or 5 Osage Orange trees (fruit not edible), 2 Sweet Gum trees and a morning glory vine trying to unite them all.
 On the potting table the Elm, Day Lilies (also from seed!) 2 Cork Oaks (from acorns) and a geranium and butterfly bush (from cuttings).
 On the right: my newest Silk Oak from seed - isn't it darling?
 amongst Lavender cuttings and Rosemary cuttings ..
 one of 5, a Cork Oak - a mighty tree in a drink cup.
My best for last - The taller is the Southern Magnolia, and the 6 leaf 3 year old Ginkgo on the right.

We are in the moving mode, so lots of stuff is packed up - just waiting to sell our house in CA.  We need to move to a bigger but cheaper house where the cost of living is lower... I know - don't hold my breath. We still haven't picked out a place to go... We've lived here 15 years, and like it, so it's really hard to sell and move away.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Please leave a comment if you like.  I'm good at reading them, but I'm sorry to say, I'm not so good at responding - unless you have a question.

Please stop by again - soon.