Saturday, May 11, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!

I got the best of all Mother's Day gifts this year... My younger son, Scot, graduated from Arizona State University with honors. (Yep, gold tassel and rope, and a special sash given to military graduates, he was quite colorful. We got to watch the ceremony on the computer.) He retired from the Air Force several years ago, and went to school.  He is now student teaching 7 or 8th grade science, and already has a job for next fall teaching 8th grade science.  I'm very proud of him!

I also got a traditional Mom's Day gift. They usually send cut flowers, but this year I got a hibiscus plant. I've always wanted one. Several of the buds are slightly colored already to bloom, but lots are still green.  Looks like the flowers will be orange or gold colored.  Thanks Kids. I'm very happy with it.

So I hope your Mother's Day is as wonderful as mine.