Thursday, September 12, 2013

California Scenes and a Gift from my Hubby

We're getting ready to move.... it's more of a mental process at this point. I have cleaned up some piles, but no actual housework has been done. (Please, I have a reputation to uphold.)

Today we went out to Costco to have lunch and do a little retail therapy, and I remembered the camera. I wanted to remember (photograph) a few scenes.

I've loved this little oak tree on a hill (better seen from the other side) in a vast sea of grass. It won't be there for long. The area  is ripe for development, and in my opinion, that will ruin this place. I'm glad I won't be here to see the demolition.

Anybody else remember these kind of wire carriers? (Stuck to a fence post)

More of the vast grassland.

I love how the fence posts are leaning.

Now, you might think this is a picture of the prairie, like the others, but it is a picture of a dragon fly on a barbed wire fence.  You can see him better in the picture below. Each top segment of wire between fence posts had one or two dragon flies on it. When we came along they would fly out, and then come back to claim their little segment.

We've taken this "ride" many times hoping to find some wild life. These horses (and lots of others) we watch whenever we drive through. We have seen a horse trying to deliver her baby and lots of horses come to watch or encourage her. We've seen the new babies. We've seen a coyote in this field. On the other side of the road runs a train track - not used - and the drains under the tracks are still made of wood in a couple of spaces. We saw a burrowing owl near one once. One time we saw a raccoon rolled up in one of the cement drains... a space to sleep during the day, or a place to rest out of the relentless sunshine. The bulls live on the corner, in a watered and green grass spot. It's been a wonderful spot to see meadow larks, and hear their beautiful springtime serenades. Hawks and killdeer live here, too. I've really loved this part of CA.

And this arrived in the mail today... a lighted seam ripper with a magnifying glass! A little gift from my hubby. (I have to be really careful not to tell him about something I want...)  Thank you Honey. I'll get lots of use out of it.
So no sewing... I did spend a lot  of time in the sewing room yesterday, cutting and a bit of sewing, but nothing worthy of sharing. The computer was down - needed a new modem - so I couldn't read blogs until this morning. (Another Thank you to the Hubby. He worked all day to get that fixed.)