Thursday, February 28, 2013

EOM and End of Harry Potter Paper Piece a Long

So that's it. End of the month of HP Paper Piece a Long...  I have a few other paper pieced items to show you...

I think both the birds and the potted plant are from QuiltMaker Magazine. I'd like to make myself a potted plant quilt to commemorate the little plants I give at Halloween, but you know how that goes. Who makes a quilt for themselves?
Today I'm working on a challenge piece for Fandom in Stitches. I don't know if anyone else is doing it. Jennifer only mentioned it once...(but then I don't read every word every time.) As I recall, you choose a pattern from one fandom and make it up so it works for another. It's due tomorrow, and I only have about 30% done.  Sooooo......
I'm off, like a dirty shirt!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monster Done

Here he is:

Fierce isn't he?  I'm quite pleased that the directional "fur" turned out, but I did make some mistakes. I cut the seam allowance off of the right side of the "eye" part and had to add a piece, which you can't see, but I can. Then I put in extra teeth on that side, as well. That won't get changed. It's a mistake way into the piece, and I probably won't fix it. I'll make another - after some time passes - and I'll lighten his eyes on it, too.  I do like the yellow teeth, after all, monster books don't brush. (That little neck at the bottom is seam allowance.)
Yesterday I was challenged to make a basket... That's the next thing to sew.
See you soon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Monster in the making

I'm working on the Monster Book of Monsters - the fabrics


Most of the pieces done except the two at the top.
I'm even using fabrics with a "way" and it's not too bad.

See his eyes are red.
And now some California Springtime for those of you knee-deep in the snow.

These pictures are compliments of my hubby.
See you tomorrow for the monster unveiling.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Cork Oaks growing up & banner improvement & a monster to be

Hi Friends and Welcome!

Here are the babies...
The one without a cork oak still has no sprout, but now has roots coming out the bottom... If that one starts up, I'll have 100% germination. The first time that ever happened.
The little tree in the right cup is the one seen here on my blog on Feb. 11. Since then it has grown 5.5"... 12 days and 5.5"! I think by Halloween we will be glad to send them on their way.

A few more of the 6.  I also have a small forest of Osage Orange trees in the back room, but that will have to wait for another day.

Here is the pattern for the Monster Book of Monsters... You can find it on the Fandom in Stitches site under the Harry Potter heading.
You can head over to Cheryl's to see her latest Harry Potter block. She's making the Project of Doom times 2!
Notice the banner has an update, too. I haven't accomplished much on it, but there it is up to date. The spot at the top is slated for 2 orange blocks.
So Happy Weekend to you all.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dumpster Diving or Cleaning the Sewing Room

I'm sorting through my fabric bins - one each day...
Can you tell it's Orange and Yellow day?  I'm finding lots of snippets and small pieces - if you can't cut a 5" square out of it it goes in the paper bag - for my Dump Quilt. See Love Laugh Quilt for directions. Dump Quilt ingredients are in the paper bag... only the yellow and oranges. I have another paper bag full of red and blue bits.  Doing Green tomorrow.

Almost to the bottom of the bin!  Wish me luck getting the contents back in there...
 I've already had one avalanche!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a few more Harry squares - from the archives...

The little simmering pot (top left) is a Pensieve, and so is the second one down on the right. Different fabrics, and a different way of handling the "memory" part.  The purple blob at the top right is Prof. Quirrel's Turban, I used flesh tone fabric for a piece at the front, or it would have been a purple bee scape. Butter Beer, Phoenix and Jiggly Legs name the rest of the above grouping.

This is the last bunch I've got. Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Lily (representing Harry's Mom), the Knight Bus, and the gate number 9 3/4 (numbers are in a shiny gold fabric).

Now I will leave you to your thoughts. Don't know what I'll offer tomorrow.
Come on back to see.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The rest of the Folsom Quilt Show and a blue bird

 Loved the doggies in the windows of this quilt (shown above and below.)
The quilt below had more and bigger hearts below. I love the little flower garden below the house.
I love this one (below), too. The rings seemed to come and go.

This one is oranges, purples and pinks - they do too go together! It was so rich in person.

The tops of the flip flops are 3-D! Ribbons, lace and "jewels" embellished this modest footwear.

Woven? and spiky zig zags! It was gorgeous!

Love the border on this wonky quilt.
Now this one reminded me of a beloved blogger friend - the Houseelf... I hope she likes this one. The whole quilt is small pieces of different shapes and colors that are embroidered. (same quilt above and below)


This one and the next one I could  photograph the whole quilt... I could get far enough away to get the picture. It has some elements that I'd like to incorporate into my son's quilt.

Isn't this one amazing? I don't think I'd ever attempt one like this, but it is amazing to see.
So that's the last picture I took at the show. I couldn't buy any fabric, so I just walked around the vendors and enjoyed their quilts, too.
We saw one of these this week. The book says it's "fairly common"!!!!!!!!!! I've lived in CA now for over 30 years (where they should be winter and summer, says the book) and I've never seen one before.  I hope they like our yard.
We saw the Momma, I think. She wasn't as bright as the pictured male. Oh, and ours was from the second set, the Western Blue Bird.  We were quite tickled to see it at our watering dish. Maybe it's the blue bird of happiness.
So that's it for today... A return to HP paper piecing tomorrow.

Monday, February 18, 2013

#8's new book

I finished the cloth book for our 8th grandkid.  Here are the pictures.

front of the book (We're all friends, right? Then I will confess that the paper pieced heart was supposed to be the front, and wound up on the back.. C'est la Vie!)

Inside pages - now I notice every smaller piece is tilted the same way. Oh well, he is only 6 months old on Sunday next.  He won't care.

A cute doggie print, and a paper pieced butterfly.

 Just some prints - I tried to figure out what boys like.
Aaaaand here is the back - notice my high tech photo identification. I couldn't figure out the other stuff.  I have found Facebook though. (Some think that I figured that out, but I still don't know what I'm doing... it's different than blogging.)
So that's the big show for today. Tomorrow I'll show the rest of the Folsom Quilt Show. Forgot about that.  See you tomorrow.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pattern Theft Alert

Sewhooked free patten site, and lots of other free patten sites have been burglarized. Their patterns have been accumulated and are being sold. Go to  Sewhooked for the whole lowdown.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some pages....

Remember yesterday I started a book for #8 (my newest grandson).

I've picked out some pages, prints a boy might like. (Dad would probably frown on pink.)  The Heart is paper pieced - I showed the pattern yesterday.
Thanks for stopping by - Please leave a comment!


Friday, February 15, 2013

As a side venture today I'm starting a book

Okay, I'm not writing something to be published, but making a fabric book for my newest grandson... he is almost 6 months old now! Here are pictures of a Valentine sent to us featuring M. Isn't he cute?

I have a few pieces a1l ready for his little cloth book... I just got the idea the other day.
I think these two were patterns in QuiltMaker
Some of the pages will be fabric from my I Spy stash. I also have some paper pieced lady bugs and snowmen I could make. I'm planning a butterfly, too, and the heart (pic is the pattern) below.

pattern from Sewhooked by Jennifer O.

I hope he'll think it's a good "read" (or at least a good drool).
So come back tomorrow to see some of the "pages" in progress.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

an easy starter pattern

It's really easy. The Red Herring Paper Pieced Pattern 2012 is the one I'm using - see the blocks above on my banner.
Here's a link to the pattern:

I'm still enjoying the sewing, and usually by now I've gotten sick of the pattern. On this pattern make sure that there is more than enough fabric sticking out on the "up" side of the addition as you start to sew. The down side has the extra piece to add as the mid rib so you will put enough there.

More paper pieced blocks and quilts that I've made, that aren't Harry Potter:

This (above) was a hand drawn paper pieced pattern, but there are lots like it around. Just draw a small square, put a triangle on one point for the center, and background triangles on the three other sides. It takes 4 squares to finish one flower. Then I made strips of the background (white) between them all. "Piano Key" border in the same colors. This one went to Project Linus.

Above is a modified butterfly from 365 Foundation Quilt Blocks, by Linda Causee. It's a very busy pattern, but I just did the wings as one piece each. I also made it smaller than the pattern in the book. This block went to Victoria of Bumble Beans. I signed name and locale as the antennae.

This is the Hugs and Kisses quilt nearly finished. (I made blue hugs and kisses to go around the edge, and have it quilted, but I bogged down at tying the thread ends. This pattern is from either Quilter's Newsletter or QuiltMaker. It is slated for the Hubby for his birthday the end of the month - turning the big 70.
 I also see the stars and trees at the left. Those are from QuiltMaker, too, I think. I started that wall hanging for my daughter, but then she said she was so tired of seeing pink everywhere...
I'm going to donate the blocks, I think. It's hard to see them now.

Gandalf. There is a series of blocks about the book, the Hobbit. (There and Back Again (free) patterns from Fandom in Stitches .) I would have made the whole bunch, but block #2 got me. I started out with a wood grain fabric for the coat rack, then realized it would be too hard to handle the "way" of the grain, and there was something else that took priority at the time. Gandalf is still hanging on the design wall.

This is a pattern I modified from feathered friends by Jette Norregaard Nielsen. I used the Waxwing pattern and a bird identification book to get the Cardinal I wanted. (They have a similar attitude on the branch, and they are both crested. I had to make quite a few easier adjustments, as well.) This one went to the "Get Your Mrs. Claus On" charity, little dolly blankets for little girls at Christmas. It's run by .Debbie at Stitchin' Therapy. The blankees go with a cradle made by some very talented and generous gents.
So the Hubby wants the computer now... we really should get a second one.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Other paper pieced UFOs

Just a short one today to show you there are other paper piecing patterns other than Harry Potter ones.

Apple Cores, a UFO that will go with the block below, and two other blocks, one with green and the other with yellow backgrounds. I don't know how it will go together yet, but there will be a border on the outside that will name my favorite apples.

I like the pink is so cold. The pattern is from QuiltMaker.

This is 4 paper pieced White Bunnies. I made it for my Great Grand Niece who is now 3. She did get a grander one, but I don't have a picture of it... the bunnies are encircled by a white picket fence. This one was not given because as I was basting it I noticed that the white fabric allowed the light pink backing to show through. I didn't know how to solve that problem. I should have added  a panel of heavier white to the back, but I painted the bunnies on the back. Then I figured that the paint would flake or otherwise endanger baby. So I started from scratch and made a different quilt. What do I do now? Do you think if I washed it I could get the Acrylic paint off of it? I'd like to donate it to Project Linus. The bunny paper piecing pattern is from Quilters Cache, I think.

This is a pattern from QuiltMaker... designed by a hubby of a quilter for use by Project Linus. I started it with a future granddaughter or great granddaughter in mind. It has words quilted into the light colored print. The words are attributes I wish for my little grand not yet born. Love is in the center, and other words are Hope, Charity, Health, Wealth, Honesty, Joy, etc. (I printed out words and then increased the size, and sewed through the paper. The word Grace is featured in the picture below.

Can you see it on the right side of the V shape. I just loved that "fairy" print. The paper piecing is the half Log Cabin pieces... made the top so easy to do. Why isn't it finished, you ask. I'm wondering how to quilt the log cabin parts. I guess I could go around the strips... stitch in the ditch, but then there is the big green border needing quilting, too.

My Palm Leaves quilt is all paper pieced (see the current header of this blog). I have also made paper pieced snowmen, cardinals and doves as Christmas cards for my family, but I don't have any of them to show you. Don't think I even got a picture of any of them. I have made 3 quilts with paper pieced birds and one with flowers and butterflies on it that were all paper pieced... so you can get other patterns than Harry Potter.

Use my tutorial and try paper piecing. You will be glad you did.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Wanna see a cute little Cork Oak? and more paper piecing.

I have a forest growing in my hubby's office. This is a Cork Oak, they are evergreens, so there won't be just sticks at Halloween! (McDonald's large drink sized cups work great for Trick or Treater's plants. I'm reusing, and the kids recognize it. The cups are plastic, so they will hold up long enough to get to Oct 31 and beyond, and I'm able to cut holes at the bottom sides with a scissors.)

These are weeks older.... I planted 7 acorns, so far I have 6 cork oaks! That's the best percentage I've ever had!

This is a Rabbit Foot Fern I started from my big plant in a laundry soap scoop with an instant coffee cover as a drip catcher. I'm so pleased with it, too. It's in a sunny window in the computer room.

This is the rubber stamp room. (We call it the way back room. Remember the way back machine on the history cartoon on the  Rocky and Bullwinkle show? I'd guess most of you are too young to remember that. Your educations are sadly lacking.) Anyway, I store my rubber stamps in this room - a whole room!  The tiny sprout (in the right cup) is an Osage Orange... looks really strong, yet it can't get out of its seed coat.  Maybe tomorrow.

 This is the magnificent Magnolia I started from a seed. Strong and ready for a bigger pot, I'd say. This is one out of 11, one of my worst percentages ever. But I GOT ONE! Now to keep it happy.
(Beyond is the backyard in winter. Never any snow, and we haven't had any rain in weeks either. It freezes at night sometimes, and is in the 60s during the days right now.)

So back to work - More paper piecing tips.

This is the last piece on Dobby. I have all the other 7 pieces done. This piece has one of my nemesis. Its that four sided piece that gets sewn at a slant. I'm going to show you how I do these. It looks like it will fit, doesn't it.... Bwahaha... Don't trust it!  It is evil.

I set the fabric on and pin the sewing line with at least 2 pins. Then I can see if there is enough seam allowance and enough fabric to cover the piece - next picture....
Ha Ha. It doesn't! See that big white uncovered spot? It should be covered. So what shall we do now?

I go for a big piece of fabric - actually the whole yardage piece. I put enough seam allowance and sew.

Iron and fold the fabric over to the final destination, and it fits. You can use scraps to make your paper piecing, but when you come to the dreaded 4 sided pieces - splurge... or you will go crazy!
{I actually sewed, ripped and sewed a single piece 9X before I gave up and used a bigger bit of fabric, that's crazy.}

Here's the hole it left in my yardage.

Next retrieve the sewing order listed on all good paper piecing recipes.
 Sorry about the picture. First is to join B to C.
I like to line up all the pieces like the pattern (shown at the beginning which was a few days ago.). A and B are the two at the top. I took B and C and put right sides together... fabric together (I'm telling you this because a couple of times I got paper and paper together - Really I have made every mistake there is in paper piecing, I think. Why, just the other day I had to make the "C" over - that's why it isn't colored like the rest of the pieces. I sewed the wrong seam line and obliterated Dobby's bulgy eye. Oops. Instead of ripping I made another copy of the pattern and started over.)

So here are the two to be joined.

Stick pins into the two corners - you can hold the pin while adjusting it in the back piece so it goes through both pieces exactly through the corners and then I add another pin in the middle - straight through...

(Here are the pins going straight through....)

Next you add pins to hold the pieces while sewing and take out the straight through pins.
(Try to keep the straight through pins going straight... not lolling to the side... while adding the pins that will hold while sewing. Very important to remove the straight through pins before sewing.)

(With the straight through pins removed. Ready to sew on the seam line.)

After the seam is sewn, remove the paper from the seam allowances. If you wait until the whole thing is done, there will be paper to remove under the pressed seams that you can't see, and it's harder to remove.
I press the seam allowance towards the piece with the least bulk at that seam. If they are both bulky press them open.

Another look at that straight through pinning trick. It's a longer seam so more pins.

the back with the pins coming through

With the sewing pins in place and the straight through pins removed.
Now sew.

All done. Dobby wearing his dirty pillowcase.
So that's a blow by blow .... hope you will try some paper piecing. It is really fun.
Tomorrow I'll show the apple core UFO and some other bits I have paper pieced that aren't
 Harry Potter.