Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Cork Oaks growing up & banner improvement & a monster to be

Hi Friends and Welcome!

Here are the babies...
The one without a cork oak still has no sprout, but now has roots coming out the bottom... If that one starts up, I'll have 100% germination. The first time that ever happened.
The little tree in the right cup is the one seen here on my blog on Feb. 11. Since then it has grown 5.5"... 12 days and 5.5"! I think by Halloween we will be glad to send them on their way.

A few more of the 6.  I also have a small forest of Osage Orange trees in the back room, but that will have to wait for another day.

Here is the pattern for the Monster Book of Monsters... You can find it on the Fandom in Stitches site under the Harry Potter heading.
You can head over to Cheryl's to see her latest Harry Potter block. She's making the Project of Doom times 2!
Notice the banner has an update, too. I haven't accomplished much on it, but there it is up to date. The spot at the top is slated for 2 orange blocks.
So Happy Weekend to you all.


  1. Lovely work on your fern blocks. Nearly there now!

    Good luck with the little plants.

  2. 100% Wow. Good for you. Awesome fern blocks. RSC March color is orange. Just in time : )
    Enjoy watching you paper piece the HP blocks.

  3. I'm great at growing dust and dog fur ; ) The monster block kinda scares me. Thank goodness I have a while before I tackle it. Yipee! Only 2 more 'fern' blocks left before you can put them all together.


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