Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's getting closer!

Hello fellow bloggers!
I"m still having trouble figuring out how to get the pictures in here.  Yesterday I made new cuttings of honeysuckle and passionflower vines.  They start up really fast, and the ones that have been growing all summer in the little yogurt cups are yellowy and don't look very healthy. 

Last night we folded, stapled, filled and closed the seed packets. We have 56 of those. I'm debating whether I should use up the cherry pits from last year and all the apricot pits I saved.  I really don't know what I saved them for, if it wasn't for the seed packets... but the seeds this old may not germinate. 

Today, I'm going to work on a couple of simple poster games that the kids might enjoy.  One will have seeds and their seed pods on them and you will have to "pick the plant" named in the second column that corresponds.  The second game will be trees from our neighborhood, a "Tree I.D." fashioned like the previously mentioned game.  There will be a yarn "line" to put in a hole with a nail "peg".  I hope the ToTers like them.
So I am off... but you knew that.
<3 U followers - you know who you are!
Terri / Mom / Grammy