Saturday, January 7, 2012

Slow start to 2012

You know after the holidays I like to do nothing.... but there is so much to do around here. I have been slowly getting the kitchen put back together.  (Translation: it still isn't.) I like it in this minimalist way. The counter tops are so clean and shiny, I don't want to mess them up. I especially don't want to bring back the microwave which is white. I'd rather leave it in the hallway. The most we use it for is to warm something, make coffee water for the instant - which is staying right next to that m machine. Anyway, there is lots more to do, and there is alot of it all still camped out in the living room.

But I have made some new blocks.
This one had a flaw. I tried to revamp it with a new tail - extra feathers - and more wing, but I had to take out the new wing parts after the whole thing was put together.... just didn't look right.  Now it has a hole. Well, it'll be good for a card.... or a hubby. He hinted that he'd like a phoenix. Who knew?

This is a little comparison with the two different Fawkes. The one on the right went to my daughter in a card, (and is shown here from the copy I made of it, so it is kind of faded... if a screaming red phoenix can be termed faded.) I love the background fabrics of each. I always pick and choose very carefully all the fabrics for each of the HP  blocks. Love goes into those, too.

And these ladybugs (2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches) are going into a (modified) jelly roll quilt for Project Linus.  We are getting together again to make JRQs for Linus next Thursday, and I'm going to be a devilish woman, and add some artistic elements into my version. I just don't like the fabrics they cut and put together for quilts for kids. (I'm sure they would make nice enough quilts for, say, old ladies and gents, and anybody afraid of color.)  I couldn't even work on the one they sent home with me last time. - Well, here's a picture.... you decide.

Here's the whole package with "girl" written on the plastic bag. The camera has been very kind to these fabrics. The backing (at the top) and the same yellow strip are really more goldy. The landscape fabrics should, in my opinion, be used to wash a very dirty floor. These three on the right, are not this nice either. They are darker.  Below are close-ups of the same.

I like the beige fern on the right, but that's cause I'm an old lady. This combo just isn't for little girls!

Still not girlish.

So I'm bringing it back. Maybe someone else can stomach this grouping.  I am assembling some yellows and blues from my stash and will make a strip quilt that will not be the same as a jelly roll race quilt, but sewn in strips, and will turn out larger... I think, and more exciting.  Here's what I propose...

There are paper pieced parts, and some of the Happy Squares that were sent to me by my good friend, Sheila of Sew Cook and Travel. Take this violet colored link to her quilt.... OMG, it is a Beauty with a capital B. Now that's a girl who knows color and how to use it! 

(I'll probably get into trouble for bringing my own "Jelly", but I got into trouble last time for a comment I made about not liking brown. I do see some uses for brown, but not for Linus quilts, unless you are making one for a sullen teen. Anyway, this time I will be driving myself there and back, so I won't have to wait for my hubby to pick me up... and I can leave if I get yelled at too much. Last time I got into trouble for using the diagonal seams - which are prettier, I think - when all the rest were doing blunt assembly... and they crabbed at me for being too slow. (I really do think that they wanted me out of there) Going this time is a penance. I'm a bit arrogant - I know, big surprise. I'm going to try to stick with it this time as a humbling experience... (I know you are laughing.)  I was slow last time, but in my defence I have a very small button on my foot pedal, and I'm not used to using one. I always use the knee pad... I've used a knee pad for over 50 years. It takes a while to get used to different technologies at my age. If you are thinking this is all toooooo strange, quilters don't usually act like this... well, the crabbies were crocheters... monitoring us quilters. I think they may have been instructed, and thought that they needed to enforce rules. I hope we've all learned our lessons.

I guess that's enough ranting for today. Here's one last picture of the true (and self adorning) Christmas tree. We leave the fruit on the trees for months after it ripens. It's pretty, a good storage method, and in the cooler weather the fruit stays fresh and keeps on sweetening. There's nuthin like tree ripened.

Love and Hugs to you all!