Friday, June 28, 2013

Set Straight

Thanks to Shay, I'm going to stay with Blogger - the devil I know - rather than take up with another - WordPress - the devil I don't know. I'm sorry if you got lost in the confusion, but so did I. I thought the whole of Blogger was going to be turned off, but now, thanks to Shay, I have learned that it's just the reader part that is going away. Well, I think that I can live with that. So please stay with me... even though I haven't anything new to show. Apparently I've been goofing off all week.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gone to WordPress

Dear Followers,
You know that Blogger is a dying entity... it will be gone on July 1, 2013. They want you to use Bloglovin, but I don't like the idea of the blogging being on Facebook. So I've moved to WordPress. I hope that is convenient for you. I do have a post there with my current butterflies on it, so you will know it's me. The address is:
I hope you will come by to see me.

Monday, June 24, 2013


We went to a Quilt Show - wouldn't you know I forgot the camera.

It's a lovely little show in a building on the county fair grounds during the Placer County Fair... thus there is only a charge to get into the fair - for us seniors $3 each - and no charge for the quilt show. (I still can't figure out how they make any money for their guild.)  Anyway, here's what I bought.

A Snap purse - closes with 2 lengths of metal measuring "tape". I bought it so I'd remember to try this myself. The other object is a pincushion made of a golf tee, a pop bottle cap and a fabric circle filled with crushed walnut shell. (They say it's very good for keeping pins and needles sharp.)

Here it is shown in the intended use. I thought it quite cute.
Not much sewing done over the weekend. Just a little hand sewing done on the pink hexies.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Butterflies in Orange and Blue

Remember the butterfly patterns I colored here?  Well, these are them in fabric!

And I want to show you the third set of winnings I got yesterday.
I won the cat fabric from Julierosequilts . I couldn't believe I won a third time... going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.  And here's what I won...
four pieces here

3 pieces here (Isn't that Halloween fabric on the left?)

another 3 here

3 again here

1 piece of cats on a checkerboard fabric, a house pattern, an I Spy template for stars (from hexagons and triangles) and some thread treatment in the center (badly photographed - sorry)
Anyway, I had a ball opening the package... Thank you Julie!  I can't wait to put some cats into my dogs with floppy ears quilt. ( a UFO)  I think that would be funny.
Sew that is all for now.... Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Started - 2 Butterflies but first a rainbow!

Hubby was working outside, and looked up to see a 360 degree rainbow around the sun. Here's as much as I could get with my camera.
Amazing, huh? It was more colorful to the naked eye.

Now for the paper piecing
 I colored in the patterns and learned that I didn't like the backgrounds, so those will be white.

Then I started to sew and here's where I am on the blue one. Just starting the background. Making them a lot simpler than the original patterns (from 365 Foundation Quilting Blocks). I'm thinking a whole quilt of butterflies... only blue, orange and white for the background. What do you think? (I think I'm crazy.)
The blue ones are to commemorate our walk in Sequoia National Park. We came across two very tiny blue butterflies flitting around a few wild flowers. It was magical. We were with our daughter and her family. They all are constantly on our minds. (Giving a shout-out to my peeps...Love you family!)
Hope you are having a lovely week. Can you believe it already June 18th?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OMG! I'm a winner 2 times this week!

You are not going to believe my luck!

Last week Angie from Quilting Readers Garden emailed that I had won a prize!!!! Here's what arrived in the snail mail.

 Cute patterns for an applique quilted calendar.

Cardinal patterns, and two kinds of thread.

and 3 fat quarters!

I was quite surprised and excited to win... who wouldn't be, right?  She runs a linky for hexies on Fridays. Stop by and check it out.

I learned about the second winnings on Sunday from Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict's Hands 2 Help winners announcement. There were 65 participants - and we all won!!!!   I'm getting an In From The Cold charm pack designed by Kate Spain! If you'd like to see what others won, check out the link above. Sarah will be running this challenge again next year, so start sewing now!!!!!!!!! She picks two charities and you can donate to either or both. She also has informative posts (tutorials) and guest writers and linky parties to share your work or works. It's a great way to use up stash for good causes.

I've gotten out a UFO I started before the newest grandguy was born, and figured I'd give him the I Spy for his first birthday (coming up in Aug.).  Remember this?

I'm quilting around the small squares - the pictures - so it's taking forever to shove the quilt through the hole of the machine 4 times for each square. I hope I remember this next time I quilt. I just don't seem to learn my lessons well.

and a close-up.
And in the evenings I'm hand sewing hexie flowers for a dolly quilt for Get Your Mrs. Claus On. (See the button on the sidebar.)  I have to do something in the evenings or I fall asleep!

I also want to share a picture - well, 2 really - of my Mimosa Tree blooming now. It is not only beautiful, but smells like heaven - sweet, but not choakingly, and the cutest pink puffball blossoms.

This is only the bottom half!
And now back to the quilting!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jazzy Snowballs Finished!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy to finish this second H2H quilt for Happy Chemo. I hope it gives a recipient hope and lots of joy. Here's the final portrait.

Someone last week thought some of the blocks were white. They are not. The only white is in half of the triangles.

One block showing quilting and binding.

Showing backing (light blue with white polka dots) quilting is wavy lines (of orange quilting thread)  through the snowballs - absolutely avoiding the corners. I hand stitched the back of the binding...
I still haven't learned!

Sew that is that. The two for H2H are done and packed up to mail tomorrow. I know that's kind of late, but I just finished the hand sewing.
Tomorrow I'm shipping and I'm going to play hooky (and not feel guilty).
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Woodland CA quilt show and quilting done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we went to the Flying Needles Quilter's Guild Quilt Show. So now I've got some pictures to share with you.
Is this not the best Citrus Pinwheel you have ever seen? I took the picture to remember the border.

I know some of you applique nuts will like this one.

 Love postage stamp quilts... this one is really colorful.
 And I loved this one - partly pieced and partly appliqued.

 Since I'm working on Hexies... This one is an old Grandmother's Flower Garden.

The one above (and close up below) is quite unique. The middle top is a fabric panel of Yosemite National Park, and the surrounding postcards are real paper postcards! They are set into little triangular pockets just like photo corners. Thought you would like the innovation.

 Even my Hubby liked this one... I'm thinking that's the next new quilt for me to make.

 This picture reminded me of a special friend who is sewing on the Barn Along... Hi Sheila! Told you barns remind me of you.

Isn't this one pretty? Her son went along to the quilt store to help her pick out the blue... I'm impressed. I've always liked this pattern - Double Irish Chain, I think. It too is on my Quilty Bucket List.

And this one is similar... color placement!

Now here's what I bought... You will never guess what I paid. 6, count them... 6 fat quarters for $5...
And the lime green with yellow and pink flowers 2 yards = $6 total... Yes, you heard me correctly. I got 2 pieces for $3 per yard.  The other is blue with white dots - 4 yards that I used as the backing for the Jazzy Snowballs. See the next picture.

It's already quilted. I used the same orange quilting thread on it as the other H2H quilt. The wavy lines give the snowballs a little puffiness. See below.

So now I'm on to do the binding.
Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the comments... especially the lovely ones that I haven't answered.  I really appreciate your kindness.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flimsy done & Backing Chosen

Hands 2 Help flimsy sewn. It's going to the cancer charity... you know why.

Backing washed and ironed (and since has been sewn)... that may be the quilting thread for the bottom. Still thinking about the top thread. Black or White?
Edited: I used orange to quilt. The above fabric has a  metallic thread that runs through, and it's not soft. I decided to use a soft fabric for someone who has cancer. They sure don't need any more of life's little irritations. The backing is light blue with white polka dots, and it much softer.
Starting tonight with the basting.