Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jazzy Snowballs Finished!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy to finish this second H2H quilt for Happy Chemo. I hope it gives a recipient hope and lots of joy. Here's the final portrait.

Someone last week thought some of the blocks were white. They are not. The only white is in half of the triangles.

One block showing quilting and binding.

Showing backing (light blue with white polka dots) quilting is wavy lines (of orange quilting thread)  through the snowballs - absolutely avoiding the corners. I hand stitched the back of the binding...
I still haven't learned!

Sew that is that. The two for H2H are done and packed up to mail tomorrow. I know that's kind of late, but I just finished the hand sewing.
Tomorrow I'm shipping and I'm going to play hooky (and not feel guilty).
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It is a great quilt and I know it will bring comfort to who ever is fortunate enough to get it. Enjoy your day of fun!

  2. Huge congrats Terri! I know how much it meant to you to get these done. Now go play hooky or "skive off" as us Brits say. You deserve it. The sun is shining outside the craft room. :-)

  3. You outdid yourself here! I feel happy just looking at it! You've also given me an idea for quilts for charity. Snowballs are so cute and easy. You definitely used them to absolute potential. Enjoy your hooky day!

  4. Such a happy quilt! I really love it! The blue back is perfect! Hugs, Julierose

  5. Love your Snowball quilt! The colors are fantastic and the black and white cornerstones are perfect. I'm inspired!

  6. I love the black and white corners. It give it extra 'snap'. Great job on the quilt. I'm sure it will be appreciated.

  7. It's beautiful, Terri!! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge this year!

  8. Great quilt, Terri! I love the pop of the black and white corners. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  9. Wonderful quilt!!! Gret job!
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    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com

  10. What a fun snowball quilt. I love the combination of fabrics you used.

  11. I like hand doing the binding...its one of my favourite parts.

    Love your finished beauty there Terri. Someone is going to be thrilled to receive it. You did an amazing job!


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