Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Quilt Start and Hoya blooms!

Even though I haven't finished the last two quilts I've started, I've started another!  This one is an I Spy for Jan MacFayden over at Oz Comfort Quilts.  She is making quilts for the homeless, etc. in Christchurch and Queensland Australia. (Really an amazing blog written by an amazing woman - in my book.  She finishes an amazing number of quilts to donate.  Stop by and see the quilts.)  She needs 35 children's quilts within the next month, and I had these blocks for a while... I want to share them.

Here's how many I've got done so far

The blocks are 7.5" square, and I'm getting that tilted effect by paper piecing the borders onto the selected fabric. It requires that you leave the first seam undone, and then finish up after the others are all sewn. I love the pattern!

And what post would be complete without a picture or two of something from my garden.  These are the blossoms now opening on my Hoya.  It was a plant that we first got from my Mom after my Grandma passed.  The vine was in a tiny planter and then in an open-type basket.  I got a slip and have been making more plants right along these last 37 years. The blooms are very juicy  and velvety. They only scent at night! The scent is amazingly strong.  I think they are pollinated by bats.  We have never gotten seeds, so I'd guess we have never been visited by bats.

 These are unopened at the moment.

This one is opened. (Sorry not a very good picture.  Did you ever notice that pictures taken in the shade but facing out to the sun do not work out very well.?)

This one was intended to show you the glistening drips of nectar - you might need to click on the picture to see that.  It might also help you to see that the petals are velvety.  I have 2 big plants on our patio that weather the winter, and one little start for the Halloween trade that is indoors.  It just got a new leaf!!!!!!!!!! so I know that it is rooted and will be a good plant for some one of the trick or treaters.

Well, I'd best get this done as it is supper cooking time!  I'm going to try to get the quilt onto two linky parties - one at The Creative Itch Boutique, and another at Freshly Pieced.  I've been trying new things on the blog recently, and linking to linky parties is part of my learning curve.
Wish me luck!