Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unexpected gift, donations and fabric purchased

Hi Folks,
We had a lovely time with our local kids today, and the granddoggies. We had dinner and exchanged gifts. It was fun! Thank you two!

So here is my little Show and Tell for today. First is my gift from Sheila at Sew Cook and Travel. She sent me cookies from their local place, a card, and little squares (2.5") that she cut of her fabrics. Aren't they gorgeous?
Below is a closer look at the squares. Thank you, Sheila!

Next are the two paper pieced butterflies I sent to  two dresses studio for her Butterfly Effect project. She is ending her affiliation on the 31st so I wanted them to count for her time on the charity.  Artists, and we amateurs make butterflies to commemorate the innocent children who were victims of the holocaust.  I've wanted to donate for over a year, it seems, so right at the deadline I got it done. You can still donate. Just go to her site to find the museum address to send in your bflies. You can use any medium from paper to leather, feathers to fabric.

And below is my donation to Beth's House block party. She is at  Love Laugh Quilt and of course, her deadline to join in is on Dec. 31 also.  I tell you, if you're waiting for me to get something done, you've gotta have lots of patience!  It's a paper pieced (but you knew that!) Lighthouse... get it?  I did make a house! And I especially wanted some pebble fabric for the edge of the island... I thought I had some... I looked and looked. I have my fabrics sorted by color, so it should be easy to find anything. NOT!  I looked in the browns and the bird colors.... yes, I have a small box of colors that look like birds to me. I also looked in the top layer of the multicolor fabric.  Still NOT!  I looked through the HP patterns for Hagrid's Hut.... thought I singled out that fabric for that pattern.... NOT!  So while we were out  on Monday I stopped at my local quilt store and found all kinds of fabric that I couldn't leave without.... but no pebbles.  While waiting for the cut lady I continued to shop - any of us would - right? Guess what was in the cut rate bin right inside the door?  I did find some. It was all brown... and you all know I don't care much for browns.... but it looks so good as the edge of the island. Don't you think so?

You know some of the quilting bloggers are trying to reduce their stashes..... Here's the fabric I couldn't leave without.

This is gorgeous... lighter and yellower than the photo. I got a yard.  I think it might make a really pretty baby blankie as a center panel.
Really. Could you leave the store without some of this? Please!

These are 2 different quarter yard pieces... for HP paper piecing. You know magical fabric.

     On the left - more magic                                                          on the right - pebbles!!!!
And this is white and metallic gold! Yum

So you now you know my weakness... but then you do know my weakness.

Love you lots,