Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There's a new fabric store in town!

Hello Friends,
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While driving in Folsom, a small town near us, we discovered a new fabric store has opened up. Hurray!!!(Folsom has a wonderful quilt guild so it always seemed odd that they didn't have more fabric stores.) It is Sew Fun at 150 Natoma Station Dr. Ste. 200. That's a street just off of Folsom Blvd. Lyon's Real Estate is the biggest place in this small shopping mall. If you need directions, call them at (916) 353-2700. The two ladies there are really helpful and very nice. I got 3 pieces and could have bought 10 others... they have really nice choices. Here's what I bought.

The scan does not do justice to the coloring.  The two on the right come in alot of other colors, and it was agony to settle for these only.  I will be shopping there again! 
Got all the squares for the current quilt done... sewing them together today, (and probably for the next week).  Wish I could show it off, but that'll have to wait for a few weeks.
Over and out - for today.  Keep cool!
Love ya,