Saturday, March 26, 2011

a "B" for Brenda

Hello again, Dear Ones,
Well, I finally got it done!  Even though my hubby and I have been sick for about 2 weeks now, I got it done... and Brenda, if you are seeing this, it will be to your house soon. It'll go out into the mail today.

 At an angle

 Less angled. Paper pieced purple and violet with yellow centered violets - the colors aren't coming through right. The green is a grassier color.
Here is my Mother In Law Tongue (or Snake Plant if you prefer) that I showed in an earlier post with the buds about to bloom.  Well, here is what it looks like fully opened!  Didn't last long, the  blooms are already droopy.

But the best news I can share on this blog,  is that after her last chemo and tests, my DD is cancer free...       They couldn't find any remnants of the cancer on the tests they did!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you think of any other info that would be better to hear?  We are so relieved and elated at the same time!  Congratulations Honey!!!  You did it!  You beat all those little cancer cells.  You told them who's boss.  Good for you, and good for us all!

So on that note of good news, I will leave you with this good wish... that you all have as much grace with disturbances in your life as my DD has had with hers.  It's a really good wish!  And that you have the best results possible to your traumas!!!

Love to you all - especially you, DD!