Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two for one!

Hi Fans!
Well, the Hobby came home for lunch and "fixed" the camera... So hopefully here are the promised pictures.
This is the modified 9-patch currently up on the design wall. See the alternating block with only one
smaller square of color?  That will create a secondary design once the blocks are all sewn together.  (Notice my Grandma's pin cushion hanging on the wall.  It is so convenient right there.)

The rest of the pictures are just some of the little plants earmarked for trick or treaters.... There are some trees started from seed - catalpa and one acacia - there is spearmint, wisteria from seed, mother-in-laws tongue, Christmas cactus, friendly cactus, and these aren't even the ones that inhabit my window sills!

Part of the project is to reuse and recycle containers to use as pots.  (The kids last year were impressed that they could identify where the containers came from.  A good lesson to learn, I'd say.) Some of the containers are from yogurt and for the ones outgrowing those "pots" there are 2 liter soda bottles with the tops cut off. They work great for the larger plants like trees or vines.

Some seeds are not working... I'd say I have as much success as failure.  If the seeds don't work in a month or so I use the pot for some cutting.  At the front of the table here you can see Mimosa trees that were growing (as weeds) in my veggie garden.  I just plucked them out and planted them into a yogurt container.  There are very few plants in my yard that I haven't yet tried to get a cutting off of.  Honeysuckle works great!  If you look closely at one of these pictures you will find a soda bottle with a palm tree that was growing right next to the garage.

Okay, you'll have to tilt your head... don't laugh... I can't figure out how to turn this one.  You can see some of the larger plants here.  I have 2 roses left over from last year and some devil's claw.  Near the right about half way back is one of the California Buckeye.  I picked seeds in the woods and started them in pots.  I don't think anyone has one in their yards because they go dormant in July... Just a mass of interesting sticks until March or so.  It is a tree with the shortest growing season I have ever come across.  I'm going to suggest that the kids plant them into the walkway near us... they can watch it's progress there.

 Last picture today.  Behind my couch are plants!   Doesn't everybody grow plants in their living rooms? These are in a "tray" (box lid from Costco).  Some plants just can't handle the extra light outside.  There are a couple of hoya and a couple of hoya leaves... see if they will root.  It is all experimentation. All the friendly cactus - they turn bright yellow and then rot if left outside - are inside, and all the MIL tongues.  If I knew how to edit the photos I take out the dust catching walking machine next to the plants.  I like plants - not exercise.
    So thanks to Mr. QuiltNCards you have some pictures today.  I'll try the window sill ones tomorrow.
    Let me know what you think... I'd love to get some comments!  Until tomorrow.

I missed you yesterday!

Hi Follower Friends,
    I did miss you yesterday, but I got alot done on the current quilt and I did get pictures, but somehow our camera made the pics into movies!!!!!!!!!!!  Is nothing simple in this world anymore?  I remember my first camera... no multipage manual to work it.  Put a bulb in the socket, film in the insides, and point and click.  Done!  It made good pictures and there was  nothing frustrating about it.  Now in order to show you the little plants and the quilt I have to go read up how to use the camera and how to delete the movies, or learn how to make movies (for things not moving) to put on the blog.   I think that will be another day.  I have quilt making to do. I still understand how my sewing machine works!