Friday, August 17, 2012

Recorded for Posterity

My sewing room... First round of pictures taken at eye level...

It's a pass through room to the last bedroom (which we call the "Way Back" room. It houses the considerable mess that is the art supply and rubber stamp hobby - we won't go there today... It would burn your eyes out). This is a pic of the left wall - the design wall, now empty - as you walk into the room. It has some cards, pics of the grands and small items pinned at the far end, and the back door with the makeshift curtain, to keep the sun off of my cutting mat. Any questions?  Yes, Mary? The reason the wall is empty is the quilt that was there is being quilted, and this condition didn't last long, as I now have the Tetris Challenge up on the wall. Helps me to figure out what the next pieces are... and I was cutting those while the pictures loaded.

This is the next wall with a door to the "Way Back" room, the cutting table (now covered in fabric and projects to be... the cork board leans on the table.

Left side is the cutting table and cork board again... next to that is the entertainment center that our son and girlfriend didn't want any more and it works out as shelving for this mess.

This is the window - facing west and trying to be cooled and shaded by 2 tangerines outside. Plants are on top of the shelving unit we got from a friend who used our garage for a while to make snowboards. (Most of the furniture in the room is rummage sale stuff.)

This is to the right of the window. Poster of a centennial quilt made by a guild in Carson City, NV. We just happened to find the quilt show there on the way home from Tahoe - a dozen years ago.
Book case above the sewing room (shows here on the right of the picture) is actually the window of the room that was cut in two - before we owned the house - to make a room and hallway to this sewing room and the afore mentioned "Way Back" room. Rather than cover it all over they used the sills to support the bookcase.

Here's the rest of the room at eye level. The bookcase ends at the doorway - which has no door, but you are looking out into my hallway of grandkid art, and the top of the very important $4 fan - more rummage sale. I've had it for a dozen years - works fine!

On the sewing machine right now is the I Spy. I'm sewing around the individual squares... UGH!
Now to the left of the sewing machine - which is in a cabinet and the lid is open all the time and it rests on a rummage sale table. The table also includes my boom box and tapes, CDs and the pink is pulled for the next palm which will be light pink and hot pink for the veins. The Cadbury box houses small sewing tools, the mister is for ironing and misting the plants to the left - shown later.
My crippled ironing board is set on boxes at the back and sticks out just under the sewing machine cabinet.... perfect to press a seam... no getting up, just twist in your chair. Saves loads of time.

Below the plants is the pink bin... the smallest one... full to the brim.

and below that is the collection of big enough pieces for most of a backing. See the roll of purple with peppers on it? That was to be the backing for a certain wedding quilt. The two didn't like the quilt on the wall, so it went to Sarah Craig's church group. I hated having it around. (You see I am Wiccan.)

Below - next to the pink

Below - my small purple collection.... (Did I mention these are candid shots. Nothing was upset by cleaning.  This is the raw truth, people... the true confession.)

Under more of the plants - working left...

Further left and on the TV stand...

In the space that held a TV... I Spy in a box, the Seasonal Fabrics are mostly Halloween and the Multicoloreds are fabrics I can't figure out where else to put. It's usually much more full, but right now I have a "tray" ( a box lid from Costco) full that I pulled for an unusual snowball quilt I'm hoping to get to make... soon.

Red and blue bins are both 78 Qt. plastic - actually the red one is bigger... but who is counting. When I pull fabrics it takes a while to get to see all the different pieces - I always go by color and value, and you know I'm usually paper piecing, so that's more important to the projects.

In another opening in the TV chest is my library of quilting books, and some felt.

This is the mess that has accumulated on the yellow and orange bin. It's some pinks that have been cut already for the palm fronds, the lid of pulled fabrics for the snowball adventure, my grandma's quilt that needs repair, and here on the left a new batting is bidding for attention. They hide out under the cutting table.

This is the mess on the cutting table. Tossed fabric that has been cut for the Tetris Challenge, and under that is the "tray" of fabrics I keep separate for Harry Potter paper piecing - an ongoing project.
I just love making them, and when I'm blue they help me feel better.
This is a "birthday and Mother's Day" gift from my Darling Daughter. She thought these pieces looked like Bird (making) fabrics... see below.
I'm pretty sure I haven't shown them before.

Above the TV section of the TV storage unit is a "tray" of  special fabrics saved for Scot's quilt. I have some biiiiiiiig plans for that one, and that is why it isn't made yet. I'm a bit intimidated by my own plans. I'm quite afraid of failure, so I put it off.  Does that ever happen to you?
On the design wall is the green bin...also a 78 Qt. full and open with a project tray with the palm leaves. See the calendar next to it? It got taken off the wall by the quilt being quilted... what a naughty boy!
In front of the door a cart of quilt mags and assorted stuff.  I have alot of asst. stuff.

Under the cutting table - more magazines. These are only the ones that are marked for projects I'd like to make someday. The other collection of quilt magazines is in the way back room....
In front of the window, my orchids. (Notice that is pronounced or kids.) There is also a white Christmas cactus on the right.
A Crown of Thorns and an Easter Cactus behind it... It's blooming out of season - see the red on the bottom right. They like alot of water, and will bloom all year if you keep them supplied.

Here's a pile of UFOs on top of the entertainment center.... and a bunch of projects to do. I'll show them to you some time.
 Above shows the mess by the sewing basket. The Nilla box is for recycling, the bag is for snippets big enough for 2 seams, there is a yellow bag that rigs up to the front of the machine for tiny snippets, and the waste basket. Beyond is a bedside table (we got for free from a neighbor) that holds quilting thread in a drawer, and all kinds of iron on stuff in the bottom drawer... I've never tried that.  The top is storing scissors, etc.
Lastly here is the box of fabrics saved back for HP paper piecing.  Fabric that looks magical to me.
See there is a cutting mat under there!

Anyway, that's my room - you've seen it before, but it is messier now, I think.
I know where everything is - so it is organized. Isn't that more important than pretty?

I am going to link up to the Moda Bake Shop stash link party - they are having a show off your stash event. Sheila said I should, so I'm gonna.

Hugs to you all!!!!