Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I made a Monster...

 Introducing the Monster Book of Monsters for the POD 13...

He's tricky to match up the fur, so in some places he has a cowlick.... You know monsters don't brush or comb, and if you notice they don't brush their teeth either. I love his fierce eyes. He's going to be guarding the sewing room for a while. That'll keep the mice away.

Have a wonderful week.

New bloomers

You know that old phrase "Bloom where you are planted"?  Well, finally after about 20 years this orchid from Hawaii did.
In the old days you could bring home plants (that were okayed by the government) from Hawaii. On our first trip there I bought 2 orchids. One died... here's the other one -

 One picture this way, and
one that way... same plant, 3 blooms. And April is the purple month, so it's quite timely.  I'm very happy to finally see what it looks like.  No Ashleigh, this isn't like the one I gave you. Yours will blossom with little blue flowers.
At least there is something going on in the sewing room.