Saturday, August 26, 2017

One Strip of Neutral Geese

I don't have much in the way of brown, tan, beige - neutral scraps, but I did find one set that could work for my geese. 

Now off to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
So we are having a 4 day rain event here, but nothing like Texas. Good luck to you all.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Finished my Five Blue Flying Geese

I haven't made any of these in neutrals yet, but I still have time.

Now for some pictures of my plants. Currently some orchids blooming.  (Or kids)

 This African Violet blooms almost all the time. Watered from the bottom, and in a bright window - as bright as it gets here. (Rarely sunny - the eclipse was just a little darker on a dark, overcast day.)

Some of the little plants started for Halloween... not going to do that plant give away anymore. Here it is too hard to start the plants, and no sunny window spaces in this house. Here is a Christmas cactus on the left middle, a Hoya started from a leaf in a glass of water, and a Mother-in-law's Tongue with two little sprouts. That one I thought was not going to make it, the cutting fell mostly out of the dirt, but it was hanging on by one root, so I left it.
Happy Hump Day,

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Some More Blue

Worked on the blue Flying Geese that I couldn't make while the machine was having surgery.

 Last week we went to visit these lovely people... Cece and her hubby Zig. She is my hubby's cousin.

This is their teenaged swan. 

We went fishing and rode ATVs - I taste tested some home made whiskey!!! We had lots of fun.

So next up is to finish the geese, and I'll want to make some low volume neutral ones as well... but I did find a Vulcan Alphabet pattern source at Fandom In Stitches. The patterns are paper piecing, but you knew that.  Give it a look see.

So I'm off to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge . Come by and see what others are making... in neutrals.

Have a lovely weekend.

Fandom In Stitches

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Finished a blue, and started a tan

Since I got my sewing machine back from the fixit place, I've been working on the butterflies...

Still in pieces, but only 4 seams left.

 I'm so happy with my sewing machine. It is working so nicely, except the light.  They said they fixed it, but it's not working. There is a warantee on the work, so back it goes. Should be able to fix it while I wait, shouldn't they?

So come along to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to see the other neutrals being shown.

Happy Weekend,

Friday, August 4, 2017

She's Baaaack...

Got her back out of the hoose-gow....

She is now making beautiful stitches of the correct length, AND the light is lit!  I can't figure out what to sew first.

Have a wonderful sewing weekend... I am.