Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know some of the bloggers I read have endured this problem, but this is the first time my computer has crashed. I have to buy new word processing software in order to maybe access the files I had before. I'm sure I'm going to back up every computer file with a paper equivalent from now on. I can't even get to my addresses.  Shame on me for trusting a machine.
Halloween was terrific!  The kids were all excited. They enjoy our little diorama.  He is Harry P. and I am Professor Sprout. We gave away hundreds of little plants and seeds and candy (from the magical tree I built from gift wrap tubes, bark, branches and all in a flower pot).  Harry did his magic with the new addition - the sorting hat.  He held it and said "lets see where you belong". Then the kids would hang around and find out which house they would be sorted to.  It was lots of fun... the ones sorted to Slytherin would get great big laughs and the Gryffindor assignment got cheers. The hat was a big hit!

Lots of the kids told how well their plants from last year were doing, and lots of parents complimented us on doing this for their kids.  Very few came only for candy, and we had a few who didn't want any candy - they'd come before the school party to get a plant before anyone else did.  I guess I'm stuck with tradition now.  I have had thoughts of doing the Divination classroom, showing  some homemade charts for reading tea leaves and palms... but what could they take home?  A tea bag?  No American kid is going to be excited about a tea bag.  Then I thought the Potions Dungeon... lots of "ingredients" sitting around, maybe a cauldron with dry ice in it, maybe some bottles with creepy things in them, but I can't have the kids using knives or anything like that... and then only candy to go home?  So I am saving and recycling plastic containers for plants again next year. I do enjoy collecting the seeds and experimenting to see if they will grow.  Guess it'll be the greenhouse again next year.

Here are some pictures of our set up.  We were just too busy during trick or treating to take any pictures.

Here is my Mother-in-law's Tongue or Snake Plant (in case you're Slytherin) as an example so the kids can see the potential of their little plant... all 6 of those are gone to new homes.  (Do you notice that Trevor had an accident?  All dressed up in his costume, too!)

This is the candy tree I magicked. Kids were impressed.  Candy was installed (in the flower pot) just before the second batch of kids arrived. The first ones came for the plants only. (They were on the way to the grade school party.)

Young Aragon hung around for the evening. Ron wasn't here so no drama.

Zombie hubby hands did all the webbing.

                              and there was plenty of it, too!

This sign explains the whole thing to those that know the books or movie.

Had to show you the run away Morning Glory.  It is just spreading everywhere.  This is a bit on our driveway. It's growing out into the street, and along the whole garden and fence on both sides!  We left it go for Halloween... We gave away all 6 of those, too.  Now we've gotta get a machete.

This is like a bulletin board showing student homework... only it's all mine.  I say some people should be paid to stay in school and continue to learn and do homework... I was good at that.

Amongst the plants a whole box of seeds, pits and acorns.  I pick Cosmos off my plants, collected acorns all over and had tangerine seeds from our fruit last season.  Kids and parents all enjoyed this giveaway.

I t

This pic shows our shower curtain and cardboard wall that's supposed to look like a greenhouse. It was back lit - like the sun was shining.
Close up of the wainscoting.
We even had a little door in the wall. 

Door from the house side.

This is from the house side, the back of the production.  We got the lovely cardboard from Costco - the pieces that are between levels of toilet tissue.  We get it free! So the decorations cost $6.00 and alot of sweat! (Didn't include the duct tape, paper and ink for the seed packets, or the dirt for the little plants.)
Sorry there aren't pictures of the little characters, Hedwig, Scabbers, the Sorting Hat... we didn't put them out until we would be there the whole time.  We had a madhouse for a while... some groups were as large as 15. While the kids are here we explain and answer questions and Harry shared the Hat.
Hope you all had fun with your Halloween. (I like it better than Christmas. That sounds bad, I know... but whatever we give out, the recipients are happy with it.  How many Christmas presents turn out like that?  I'm just better at Halloween.)
So back to quilting next time?  I'm working on getting my computer to give up my word files, and have to get the printer back on line, as well. I can't print off any paper pieced patterns until I do. I also have to remove stuff from my kitchen - the mold guys come on Thursday to rip it all up... so no sewing until Thursday, I guess.