Friday, August 30, 2013

Caught on Camera

You know we are getting ready to move from CA to WI (California to Wisconsin). So we want to torture ourselves by remembering, through pictures, our lives here... to review during the icy winters and wonder about our decisions...LOL

These are some of the locals:

Probably an Admiral Butterfly sunning on the Passionflower Vine that grows over our fence where the neighbors water the plant, and we get all the flowers. There is a whole colony of butterflies that love this plant. Hard to grow in Superior WI...

He opened his wings for a second.

And one of the huge Bumble Bees that took over the spot.
Then the camera claimed to be full, except these three were the only pictures in it!  Anyway, this nature moment is your weekend wish for gorgeous weather (going to be hot here) and lots of fun!