Saturday, October 22, 2011

I made it to 100 - posts, that is!

Here it is, my 100th post.  I must admit that I've been putting it off.  I haven't pulled all the fabric I wanted to. I'm such a lazy!  I haven't been that particularly busy this week either.  I just didn't feel like it, I guess.  Anyway, I will give away a nice batch of fabric, but I'm not going to show it all ahead of time... all my followers, at this precise moment, will be entered... if you leave a comment. No new followers will be in involved.  So if you'd like some fabric - some new, some already cut into, but bigger scraps, leave a comment that says you want more stash, and you will be in the running.

On to the show...
I made and sent these out on Thurs. for my grands.  Only 2 showing, because as always, I had the other 5 already packed up and ready to send.  At the last second I remembered that I'd promised to show my Bertie Botts candy bags.  These are modeled by the resident Zombie Husband Hands.... we're showing that there is a tab type strap, in case you want to reuse your bag as a purse.

I made them by using the Bertie Botts pattern from Fandom in Stitches. Then I sewed on a facing by sewing right sides together and  sewed into the front the strap leaving a turning spot. I made a plain one for the back, too, both are faced pieces. When they were all turned and ironed I top stitched the two pieces together on 3 sides and had a lined bag for the grandkids candy.

Up next, some of the Halloween plants, ready to give out next Monday.  We worked long and hard to cut the plastic cups for some of them, and fill with dirt, water and take cuttings of things in our yard. Next  I dunked the cut end in rooting compound - that's the magic part, and the secret to cutting success, then right into the dirt. Keep them out of the sunshine for a week or so, and they are looking so good.

First up are the English Ivy on the left, and dark purple Butterfly Bush on the right.

Next is some sort of Morning Glory (that will take over the planet someday) and Lavender cuttings.

The next batch is all Rosemary - my trick or treaters like the herbs best.

Here's  the scary Spearmint group.  Spearmint will run all over, so you have to plant it in a confined spot, a pot or some small garden surrounded by cement.  Even at that you have to watch so the seeds don't migrate and plant themselves.

I only made 4 of these - whatever they are.  We call them Pig Ears. I showed them blooming in a much earlier post.  An easy plant to grow, and quite forgiving of the dry weather.  Anybody know what it is?

Here are some of the trees... already dropping leaves. (Some were planted from seeds and some were dug out of our yard where the squirrel had planted them.) There are oak, maple, catalpa and a few silk oak to give away this year.  I'm quite proud of the tree distribution.  My uncle would be proud of me, I think. He had a nursery in Tess Corners Wisconsin (southwest of Milwaukee) for many years.  I think my cousin runs Lambs Nursery now. So you see it runs in my genes.

Here is my proudest accomplishment in the plant world... this year 3 new Silk Oaks... planted from seed that I still can't identify - looks like a little bit of dirt, but they are definitely S.O's cause they have the beautifully split leaf.  It's a wrench for me to give them away - I really love them.

More Halloween plants - a Mother In Law's Tongue with new babies!!! and two Crown of Thorns started last year... took a while for them to get leaves.

This one is from a clipping last year, too. It's a Hoya. This one is really wanting to be chosen this year, cause it has just started to get some beautiful new growth.  Another wrench to give away.  (Like marrying off your daughter... you want her to be happy, but you never want her to leave home.
A real dilemma.)

These are what I have been working on lately. More blocks from Fandom in Stitches .They are The Pensieve, Bertie Botts, Mimbilis Mimbilitonia, and Butter Beer  all from Harry Potter, but you knew that!  Go to her site, she has some new "Angry Bird" patterns on the blog - they are really cute.  She also has fandom patterns for the Vampire people and other genre... Go take a look.

Well, that's all the pictures for today. If you want to win a mystery batch of my stash, let me know.  I'll put your names in my witch hat, and ask the Zombie Husband Hands to pick a winner.
Love all you followers!!!