Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bright Baby Quilt

Blocks are all done, and pinned into temporary placement.  I'll be looking for something I don't like about it... If you see something amiss, let me know.

Used some of my favorite prints. It didn't hurt that I found the 5" blocks already cut and hiding in my stash.  I was probably planning another Jazzy Snowball. I like to make those.  I have made one like this before (with the partial borders). Give me a minute to look up a picture .....

Here it is.... an "I Spy" made with the same "pattern" from out of my head.  I found it under Project Linus.  I don't know when I made it, but I blogged about it  July 31, 2010. Seems like a lifetime ago.

So thanks for stopping in. It's Friday tomorrow, so have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Family Thanksgiving - so much fun

We went to my sister's for Thanksgiving.  Thank you Barb and Sons. (She was packing to move on Friday.) Dinner was mostly made by Ben, her middle son (seen in the foreground, next is the youngest son Joe, the little guy is Ben's girlfriend's son, and then my sis).  The blonde in black is Kelly, Rob's new bride.

 On the bottom right my hubby showing his best side...LOL
 Barb and her 3 sons.  Ben in the back, Joe is the youngest, and in the front is Rob. He is the oldest.

 Barb and I. - I already miss her.  She's moved to Florida.  I need your address, girl..

These are some blocks I made to start a baby (1 year old) quilt.  I found the 5" wild print blocks in my stash, so they work great with 2 -  2"border strips.  I've got a bunch more made, but I'm not going to show them all so soon. I'll show some more tomorrow.

We had rain this morning, snow is falling now.

Hope you had fun this weekend.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanks and Mug Rugs

First of all,  Happy Thanksgiving. Hope all of you have a great day with family and friends. I'll be at my sister, Barbara's.  It'll the last time we will see her for a while. She moves to Florida tomorrow.

She requested 25 mug rugs made from some of my paper pieced squares.  I only got 19 finished. Here they are.

 Here's the stack - ready to go.

 6 autumn leaves.

 2 ladybugs.

 4 Drunkard's Path squares
 4 -  4 patch
Oops!  The top two apple cores are upside down. 
I hope she likes them - there are so many mistakes.

Have a  wonderful weekend.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Tiny Mug Rugs

My younger sister, Barbara, ordered some mug rugs from me!  They still need squaring up, batting and binding.  So here are the ones I've got done so far.

She wanted 25, but I made more. I hope she will pass judgment  on these.  Give me a call Barb.  (I did find a cute little turkey to make, but there is embroidery to do on them, so I didn't make any of those. Maybe you'd like to do the embroidery. I'm really not that good at it.)

Happy Friday to you all. Have a great weekend.