Saturday, November 24, 2018

Family Thanksgiving - so much fun

We went to my sister's for Thanksgiving.  Thank you Barb and Sons. (She was packing to move on Friday.) Dinner was mostly made by Ben, her middle son (seen in the foreground, next is the youngest son Joe, the little guy is Ben's girlfriend's son, and then my sis).  The blonde in black is Kelly, Rob's new bride.

 On the bottom right my hubby showing his best side...LOL
 Barb and her 3 sons.  Ben in the back, Joe is the youngest, and in the front is Rob. He is the oldest.

 Barb and I. - I already miss her.  She's moved to Florida.  I need your address, girl..

These are some blocks I made to start a baby (1 year old) quilt.  I found the 5" wild print blocks in my stash, so they work great with 2 -  2"border strips.  I've got a bunch more made, but I'm not going to show them all so soon. I'll show some more tomorrow.

We had rain this morning, snow is falling now.

Hope you had fun this weekend.


  1. We did have a wonderful thanksgiving as it appears you did too ;))) ; we have been totally tired out with all the
    holiday stuff though--kind of having a restful weekend.
    I just found out that our local JoAnne's is CLOSING!! As of jan 1st--oh no!! where will I go to get my thread and other fabric stores nearby either. I think I will go and stock up tomorrow...
    your blocks look very pretty so far...hugs, julierose

  2. Must have been nice to meet with everyone before they move! No snow here yet, but we are deep in the freezing temperatures.


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