Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bright Baby Quilt

Blocks are all done, and pinned into temporary placement.  I'll be looking for something I don't like about it... If you see something amiss, let me know.

Used some of my favorite prints. It didn't hurt that I found the 5" blocks already cut and hiding in my stash.  I was probably planning another Jazzy Snowball. I like to make those.  I have made one like this before (with the partial borders). Give me a minute to look up a picture .....

Here it is.... an "I Spy" made with the same "pattern" from out of my head.  I found it under Project Linus.  I don't know when I made it, but I blogged about it  July 31, 2010. Seems like a lifetime ago.

So thanks for stopping in. It's Friday tomorrow, so have a lovely weekend.


  1. Comparing the arrangement with the other quilt I notice that you have some borders meeting. In the other quilt the blocks alternate regularly this way and that way, leaving everywhere just one border strip between two square blocks. This would mean a lot of turning of your pretty blocks!

  2. I think it is coming along very well--so bright and cheerful..I agree with Ulla about the one strip between blocks--like the arrangement in the "I Spy" you made--which, I just love, by the way..(What's that song "Turn, turn...and you're a young one again..." ) ;)))
    hugs Julierose

  3. Love it!!! Eye spys are always a fun "go to".


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