Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Finally a Finished Flimsy

I've been working on this baby quilt for a while now. I showed it last time. You commenters convinced me to rearrange the blocks. I did and I like this arrangement better. Thank you so much.

I like this better... it looks more organized.  Do you think it needs a border?  It's 35 X 42 now.

While I'm working on it, it seemed  like a group of Rorschach tests . What do you make of the  block below?

I think it represents flames on the planet Mars.  What do you think?
So it's only Tuesday... Hump day tomorrow. Doesn't mean a thing to me though. I'm retired.  Have a great rest of your week.


  1. Love how you re-arranged this one, Terri--love the variety of primary colors in this one...
    that block looks like fireplace flames to me when you burn pinecones...

    I would put a black&white small print border on this (but that's me..;}}} )
    lovely job on this one...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. I love one-block quilts that go right to the edge. No border for me. Love all the bright colors.

  3. I personally like quilts without borderd - but! I also like JulieRoses Idea of black and white for a border!

  4. I like the final layout, it does look more organized. So many pretty colors for a baby to love.


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