Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Up to 6 now!

Aren't they happy looking? I'm going to link up to A Creative Princess and show off a bit. Thanks for stopping by to see the latest.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Again, Jiggle d pig! A graduation, a face on the tree, and a covey of crayon blocks!

We've been to another graduation... This time Ashleigh, our granddaughter, has graduated high school! We are so proud!

Some pictures - indulge a granny.

 Ashleigh our latest graduate! Congrats, Ashy!

 The Graduate, her Mommy, Chrissy (my Daughter extraordinaire), Rachael, the basketball queen, and Emalee, the volleyball queen. (Missing are the baseball king, Ben, and the dad, Will.)
We miss you all! Thanks for all the entertainment and yummy meals. We had a great time!

 With the sign grandpa made...

She and her friend sang the National Anthem, and later in the program they sang a real tear jerker...
 I was a crying mess. So proud!

Now since we are back home...
Here's one of the faces I saw this week. Melanie, I see them in shadows and light, too. I have since childhood. Here's the first one that I have ever tried to capture on a photo.  See the clown on the tree trunk- I'm usually quite afraid of clowns. He has a cigar, and a really big nose! (On another tree, during the winter I sometimes see the Virgin Mary. She doesn't talk to me though. I wish she had.)

Here's what I've been doing besides housewifery this week. I'm making some crayons (paper pieced)  I modified a pattern from Fandom in Stitches - (go to the Children's section, or the Animated section.  They will be under the Blue's Clues patterns. As always they are for charity and personal use only.) I love them. The backgrounds of each block will be a different white on white print, and the "papers" on the crayons are prints in the same color, but a slight variation. You can't see the red paper is tiny polka dots. Each one takes 1/2 hour, but that is after choosing fabrics, washing and ironing fabrics... you know the drill. The colors around the outside of the blocks are just so you could actually see the white parts of the blocks... It's a white design wall. (I linked up to Can I get a Whoop Whoop? )

Well, I'm off to color my world... read some more blogs, then make some more crayons! I might even bake a cake... it's cool here for the next few days, perfect - 70s for a high today. That means I allow myself the use of the oven. No using the A/C today!

So Keep Cool! (Tootsies in a tepid pan of water is my favorite way - with a tall glass of icy something.) Happy Summer and have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

P P T Ps or Wee Wee Wigwams

There's 18 of them in all. (In the background that's Emalee and me at Christmas alot of years ago. One of my favorite pictures.)

They are quite easy to make. Mine start with a circle template. I used a luncheon plate... 7 1/2 inches and cut it in half. Make one of quilting cotton and one of flannel or fleece. (I used flannel.) Fold each piece in half -- right sides together -- and sew the straight edges on each piece.  Now turn the lining (flannel) right side out, and insert it into the quilting cotton piece (so they are right sides together).  (I made sure one seam did not come close to the other, and that kept the bulk down to a minimum.) Sew the circle, but leave  1 1/2 inches for turning it all out. Then turn it all out. Tuck the lining into the quilting cotton. Top stitch the circle all around, catching the open section to close it - genius, huh.  Then I ironed them and tacked a few stitches in the top point so she won't have that coming apart in the wash and have to reseat the lining each time. Voila! all done.   Here's another view.

So I'm going to try to make another quilt before we leave to visit my Chrissy and her family... on Thursday... that really came up fast.  So I won't be reading or writing any blogs until next week some time. I'll get you caught up then.


Friday, June 8, 2012

I finished!

And on time, too!

 being held up by the Zombie Hubby Hands - see his cute legs?

This one shows the backing and the binding are the same fabric. It was just the perfect piece for the color scheme on the front; pink background, white daisies with yellow centers, and a green leaf here and there. Kismet!

Okay, so I'm a bad housekeeper. The table next to the quilt is full of seeds to try. Want to wait until I get back from my daughter's house. Do you recognize the long beans from the Catalpa?

I did have another finish, but I have to wait. It's a gift to a follower who just happens to be my DIL, so we don't want to spoil her surprise, do we. 

I have a UFO up on the design wall now, but again... (see paragraph above.)  I only have 2  long seams that need alot of pinning before I can sew. Then the flimsy needs paper removed. I'll be able to finish that one soon, too.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Double Wedding Ring Auction at

Bunkhouse Quilts.  Tell her I sent you.  Here's a picture of the DWRs... used with her permission, and I figured out (all by myself) how to put it on this post. Aren't you proud? (I haven't used that phrase - all by myself - in a mighty long time.)

She got me to thinking about shopping in the olden days... Remember, Grannies, how it was to shop at a real department store? Sears, Penny's.... In our town - at the time - it was Roth's. It was a closely packed store with different departments, all manned with a couple of people and a manager... how did the store ever make money?  When you walked in you felt like the Queen. There were friendly people everywhere to help you find something. My hubby worked there for years before we met. He was kind of a jack of all trades, running the elevator - you didn't just push a button in those days. He helped carry things, deliver stuff, assemble bikes, etc. I loved shopping there.

And I promised a picture of Rudy with his pink toy:

Rudy, with his pink toy, and Trouble... oh, and their "parents". They walk by our house every morning, and Rudy has a toy - a different one on occasions. They say he has a whole bunch of "babies" to choose from. Today is the special pink one.

I petted him a couple of times after the pictures he posed for... then he decided the photo shoot was over and started for home and his comfy bed.  If only you knew, Rudy, how much joy you impart to the neighborhood. We get a chuckle every morning.

I got the quilting done yesterday, and it's binding and  those afore mentioned teepees today. What are you working on?


Monday, June 4, 2012

A Bunch of Different Things...

A few more pictures from Alaska... (It feels like Alaska here in CA today... 56 degrees F and raining. I'll bet it's warmer in AK!) (Just checked and it's 59 and raining there!!!!!! So it is 3 degrees warmer.)
Yes, that is dirty snow still on the ground on May 15, but this particular picture is along a road in the mountains around the city of Anchorage... so it's okay.  (Said mountains below. Aren't they beautiful?)

We looked and looked for a moose in the wild...  finally went to a zoo to see some. While at the zoo...
we naughty grannies held snowballs over that poor gramps!

Such a pretty girl... too bad she has those awful horns growing out of her head!

This Bactrian camel came down a hill and posed once the cameras were out. He turned this way, and that.- doesn't he look the dandy...

This is the very portrait of a bored teenager. Christopher looks like he's locked in between his Gramps on the right and his Dad on the left... Sorry C, this is where your DNA comes from, you will just have to make the best of it.

Later Alyssa drew a moustache on her Dad...
and he drew one on her, too, then....

they twirled them, just like Snidely Whiplash.

You know we went to a couple of quilt stores! Here's what the Gramps did there.

Back home again in California...
a phone repair guy had to come out. (Our phones all had bad static. Once fixed our computer (which is on DSL) worked faster. Guess there was a cracked wire.) While he was here he taught us to put an EVIL EYE into our cherry tree. It floats around in the wind, and has kept the birds and squirrel out of the tree. Good to know! Now that the cherries are done, I'm going to put the eyes into the apricots. See if I get some fruit this year. Last year the squirrel ate all of those.

Beginnings of Pee Pee Teepees or Wee Wee Wigwams... grandboy coming in August, and I'm invited to a shower June 9.  I'm going to make a mess of them. (meaning a bunch) I made one as a trial, and it went together really easy and quick - we love easy and quick!  Above is the 1/2 circle that is the pattern, and one of the cotton outsides along with  2 choices for the interior part which are flannel for softness and absorbency.
Completed first one on the design wall. Insides wouldn't photograph well... shy, I guess.

Say Hi to our neighbor, Rudy. Everyday his parents and Trouble, his brother by another mother, walk by our house. Rudy is always carrying a toy.  He's maybe going  by tomorrow with the bright pink one. I'll try for another picture.

This is my plant souvenir from Alaska.... blooming! Thanks for the slip Michelle!
Another view... It's only about an inch tall. (Sorry about the focus.)

Well, that does it for today. I'm quilting on the pink, yellow and lime... almost done.


Friday, June 1, 2012

I B Bastin'

Well almost....

It's up on the wall, just not pinned on yet. The backing and batting are pinned on, but I really tugged on the batting to get out the wrinkles last night, so I want to repin it before I pin on the top. I think if I baste it now the batting would sieze up and pucker the top something awful. Anyway, I just wanted to get it onto Sarah's blog so I can be part of her "Can I get a Whoop Whoop" today.  Check it out. There are lots of pretty quilts on the linky party ahead of me.

Thanks for stopping by!                                 Hugs,