Friday, February 11, 2011

Folsom Quilt Show!!!!

Hi Friends,
I was so excited that this year to have  my camera with me to take pictures!  The Folsom Quilt Guild puts on the best show we have around here, and we have lots of shows that I have been to in the past.  I took 10 pictures and then the batteries died...  Anyway, without further adieu....
I don't usually like beige, or sampler quilts, but this one is lovely.  I didn't see any pattern repeats. Amazing!  Blocks are only about 6 inches.

I loved the optical illusion of this one.  I think the pattern is Corn and Beans.

I took this picture because of the yummy colors - more vibrant than the camera could capture.

And this one I love because of the small pieces of color. The binding is different prints with lots of color, too.

In person this bargello is flat - no really!  Isn't it amazing how wavy it looks just because of color and design. It seems even wavier on the photo because you have no reference to the edge.

These three are the same quilt.  It was so cheery in person, but I suppose my camera was starting to fail by the time I took these.

A close up of one of the flowers at the bottom of the above quilt.  Shows a little of the quilting on the right.

Here again vibrant colors that didn't come out on the photo.

Now this bargello has a reference to the edge, but still looks wavy and isn't.

Well, that is all the pictures I could get.  They also put on a quilted fashion show, and you will have to take my word for the fact that it was wonderful.  I visited all the vendors, and only bought some used magazines that were 6 for a dollar!!!!!!!!!!!  What a bargain. I've got lots to read now.

Also, I wanted to alert you to something we learned this week.  Keep a close eye on your money accounts.  We had a 65 cent withdrawal on our checking account on Thursday morning. (Not a scary amount, but the fact that we didn't take it out was!!!)  Luckily the bank sent us e-mail to check this amount out... for possible fraud. The bank said that someone had hacked into our account and withdrew the small amount looking to see if we would notice, and then they said the hacker would take out more and bigger amounts if nothing would be done about it.  I really don't understand why they wouldn't take a larger amount first, but the bank seemed to know all about this.... It was on my hubby's card, so he got a new one with a different number and that should foil the robbers.  Then he had to give his new number to the SS and his employer so that our auto deposits would make their way into the correct account.  Also, he had to give the number to automatic withdrawals for mortgage, newspaper and his health club.... all kinds of work.     Good Luck to us all.

Hey, thanks for stopping bye.  I really love getting comments.
Happy Weekend to you and yours!