Friday, May 22, 2015

Birds and POD 20

Evening Grosbeaks came by one day to visit out patio/bird feeder, and I got some pictures. (They are a mustard yellow, black and white with a gross beak.)

 (The other bird at our makeshift watering bowl is a  baby starling.

We used to see them ( the evening grosbeaks) when we lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but this is the first time we are seeing them in the West. (We live in Vancouver Washington now.)

Finished my POD 20 block this afternoon, too. I did a lot of remodeling of it.  The pattern was to be Hermione's blue flame in a jam jar, but there was no jar. I used some sparkly white fabric to make the glass part of the jar. I like it.

Sew - that's it for today.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.