Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Cutie Visits and Hedwig is finished

Easter cutie with his Daddy, our #1 son with our #8 grand. (Shirt says "Chicks Dig Me")

Again with Dad. Cutie is 7 months old now. (Hugs and Kisses quilt is Hubby's 70th birthday gift.)

 Now with his favorite "chick", Mom.
 With Daddy again. Cutie weighs 22 pounds so he gets passed around alot. I held him as long as I could.
And Hedwig is done, ready to go to the Fandom in Stitches Project of Doom Block Drive.
Hope you had as wonderful an Easter - did I mention it was sunny, too.
(Rained last night, and after our company left!)
Sew I'm off - but you knew that.