Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Strings Arrangement

Done with the blocks.  (Sorry about the pictures.)

Same picture without the ironing board intruding.

The red blocks are not like the others... a little bit too much saturated color. Seems like they are the only blocks that register as dark. Even the purple on the left isn't as dark.  Taking a picture to look at the arrangement is a neat way to step back from the quilt and see things like the reds. I could make 2 different blocks to replace them, but I don't want to. What do you all think? It is now 5 by 7 blocks... Each should finish at 8" so I've got a top that is 40" x 56" - that should be an okay size for a H2H quilt, don't you think so?  Do I need a border?  I'm really not that good at them.

Lots of these strings are garnered from swaps with 2 of my favorite blogger buddies, Val of
Val's Quilting Studio and Terri of Quilting Nonnie . Getting something in the mail (besides bills) sure brightens my day.   I should sponsor a blogland wide swap one of these days. What would you all like to share? 10  I Spy 10" squares?  How about 5 - 10" strips (2.5" wide) in random colors?  Something you could put in an envelope and brighten someone's day. Leave me a comment if you are interested.

All of our snow melted!  No shoveling required.  (I like winter, so this isn't such a great turn of events for me.)  If it rains today, we will have snow again. Last night it was in the teens - but it is above 30 now (at nearly noon). We are having a very unusual sunny day. (The unusual part is that it  is sunny.)  How is your "Fall" treating you?

Remember to comment if you want to swap.