Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Strings Arrangement

Done with the blocks.  (Sorry about the pictures.)

Same picture without the ironing board intruding.

The red blocks are not like the others... a little bit too much saturated color. Seems like they are the only blocks that register as dark. Even the purple on the left isn't as dark.  Taking a picture to look at the arrangement is a neat way to step back from the quilt and see things like the reds. I could make 2 different blocks to replace them, but I don't want to. What do you all think? It is now 5 by 7 blocks... Each should finish at 8" so I've got a top that is 40" x 56" - that should be an okay size for a H2H quilt, don't you think so?  Do I need a border?  I'm really not that good at them.

Lots of these strings are garnered from swaps with 2 of my favorite blogger buddies, Val of
Val's Quilting Studio and Terri of Quilting Nonnie . Getting something in the mail (besides bills) sure brightens my day.   I should sponsor a blogland wide swap one of these days. What would you all like to share? 10  I Spy 10" squares?  How about 5 - 10" strips (2.5" wide) in random colors?  Something you could put in an envelope and brighten someone's day. Leave me a comment if you are interested.

All of our snow melted!  No shoveling required.  (I like winter, so this isn't such a great turn of events for me.)  If it rains today, we will have snow again. Last night it was in the teens - but it is above 30 now (at nearly noon). We are having a very unusual sunny day. (The unusual part is that it  is sunny.)  How is your "Fall" treating you?

Remember to comment if you want to swap.


  1. Remember when we swapped! That was fun!!! I've started a string quilt...and now you've inspired me to dig it out as the cold weather approaches. I'd be interested in a strip swap!!! Happy mail brightens my day too!! Now THAT would really motivate me to made a string quilt! Let's do it!!

    1. You want strips - any size or color? Send me some of yours... I get the good end of this swap.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Swap? Sure!! Not sure which I would prefer. Regarding the red String blocks... I would:
    1. Spread those reds around the quilt like you've done
    2. Try them smack in the center
    3. Pop one in each corner

    Failing all else:
    Take them out and cut them in half. The new half might not make the saturation so apparent.

  3. The red blocks may not be a problem if you don't look at them too closely! Or you could replace some strips in them with lighter ones if it really matters.

  4. You could always add skinny sashing between the blocks, if you wanted it larger. I like the blocks.


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