Wednesday, May 4, 2011

broken window, applique, 2 blocks done

Hi Friends,
You will never guess who broke our dinette window... a dove.  They have flown into that window many times before, and left dust impressions of themselves.  This time there was a gaping hole!  Well, take a look for yourself...
The poor bird left feathers everywhere in that room and through to the back sliding door.  Luckily, it wasn't that scared - if you know what I mean!  She was let out the door, and we started the clean up and called in the glass man, who got there early and was done within 3 hours of the initial event.  $140.00!  Just when you think you are getting ahead.... That's not all!  The other side of the window was flown into while we ate breakfast there just a half hour after the first window crasher... Guess we will have to keep the blinds down all the time or we will be bombarded.  Birds!  Can't live with them, can't enjoy life without them.

I decorated this T shirt many years ago, but I promised Donatella of that I'd show it on the blog.  Here's my shirt!  I started with a $2 "on sale" shirt from Michael's... you know their 5 for $10 shirt sales, the sale they used to have before gas prices skyrocketed. I never like to let that sale pass. Anyway, I had these shorts I bought for which I had no shirt to wear with them. (WOW, the grammar police should lock me up after that sentence.) This color looks great with the shorts, and the flowers I made with eyelet white fabric and the aqua thread to match the flowers on my shorts.  Originally I only had 3 on the shirt, but then they turned out so nicely that I arranged 4 more.  Total of 7, is the number of grandkids I have... and they are arranged to show that one lives in FL - over on my right shoulder, 4 live in WA (in the midsection) and the 2 on the left coast are in AK - everywhere but here!  Anyway, the way the flowers don't fray is to daub the edges with Fray Check, a product by Dritz.  It works! The flowers are still nicely soft, too. (I'd say it's  been 5 years!)

Here's the outfit, and the picture below shows a section with the white and aqua flowers that are now quite faded on the shorts.

Below are the two blocks I have done on the Kisses and Hugs quilt, so far.  Promised this to the Houseelf of  Houseelf Doings.  Have you seen my Harry Potter blocks? They're on a few posts back... well, just click HERE and scroll down to the bottom. I've made lots of different ones.  I like the Hedwig for cards, and Fawkes, the phoenix, for get well cards.  That site will give you a link to the free patterns. They are free, but they cannot be used for commercial quilts. That means if you make them into anything you cannot sell it.  They are copyrighted patterns.  But they are still fun to make! Okay for family, friends or charity quilts.

I just realized that my Hug and Kiss look more like ox.... oh, well. They will be accompanied by more oxes.
That's it for today, Dear Ones.  Come again another day!
(Sorry if anyone was looking for the binding tutorial... didn't get it done yet. Keep checking back.)
Hugs & Kisses (or ox, for short),