Saturday, November 22, 2014

Still Unpacking

Still unpacking - you would not believe how many boxes there are yet to be undone....

But I wanted to show you this...

That is a rose blooming in my new house. It's not just any rose, but it is, in fact, the rose I started from a cut flower we bought at Costco. I've had it in a pot for at least 3 years now, so I didn't have to leave it for the new owner.

This is my Mother in Law's Tongue blooming again even though it got pushed around in the truck. Three nights in the cold truck. We were really careful for it, and keeping it in place with some fabric strips until it's happy again. I'm just happy nothing broke.
Haven't been sewing much. I don't know if I did any more Drunkard's Path blocks since I showed the last ones. I sit down in the evening and fall asleep in seconds. I did start unpacking the sewing room today. I've got a lot of quilts to make. I can't believe the number of boxes of stash. Worse than that, there are bigger and more boxes marked crafts... rubber stamps and its paraphernalia. OMG.
Hope your weekend is going great.