Thursday, June 9, 2011

What inspiring things hang in your sewing room?

I haven't finished the XXXs and OOOs yet, so I'll show some of the things I have hanging in my sewing room that inspire me.

Here's one that you will want to make larger... Just click on the picture. I imagine it as a quilt... all those colors as fabric.  I have seen some quilts made like this in a magazine...   I know, I'm crazy.   (Sorry about the glare.)

Okay, don't look at the clutter on the bulletin board, but the quote itself. It reminds me that "a beautiful thing is never perfect."  I'm hoping I can make some beautiful things. 

This it the wonderful item next to the pink sewing piece from Em, as mentioned yesterday.  My DD made it for me 30 years ago.  It says "Moms the Greatest!". I love that piece!

And lastly a church program that's about 33 years old... I was asked to make a painting out of it... and did.  I love the sentiment.

So that's your mini tour  -  some of my favorite things.  What do you have hanging in your studio?
Love you all, especially the contributors to today's post.  Hope you all are feeling dandy!