Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally got the hang of it!

Okay, I got an older picture to upload to the blog!  This is me in the green shirt with son #2 hiding behind me, his wife and son and daughter!  I loved seeing them. They left the day after the wedding, and we met them at the airport to see them back to the 49th state. Brrrrrrrr.

Lets see if I can get some of the Halloween pictures into the computer while I'm at this blog. I did it!  There were a few new tweaks to get them to load, and to show up here. So here is Halloween at our house.

Above is me as "Prof. Sprout" with some of the little plants ready to hand them out.  (Candy in the huge pot on the floor. I was successful in adding a false bottom to the pot, so it would look like there was lots of candy.)  (You can see a larger version if you click on the pictures. You can make out the kinds of plants and read the upcoming homework that way.)

Above is the second table of plants with seeds and a reference book as well.

Prof. Sprout again... showing off some homework. There are leaves, seeds and a little bark on the birch spot - being covered by my hand.  I looked up information on each kind and printed that out on the parchment and burnt the edges to give the impression that it was old.  I really enjoyed doing that. I learned lots of stuff about the different kinds, too.

Here's the hubby as Harry Potter.  Kind of convincing, isn't he. One of the little visiting witches asked if he was Harry Potter... and he said "Yes" and got the wand to light at the same time.  I guess that's why he is HP every time.  He loves to ham it up... and the kids love it, too.
We had a wonderful time, and the reason we have no pictures of the Trick or Treaters it that we were busy!  We had lots of them, and at the same time, too... and then we welcomed the parents in to choose a plant if they wanted one.  There just wasn't time to take pictures once they started to arrive.  We gave away about half the seeds and three fourths of the plants, and luckily most of the candy.  I have a sign up for anyone who wants one to take one of the remaining plants. I want to do a different HP scene next year. Possibly Prof. Tralawny's tower. Got any ideas for me?
Next time I hope to have a tutorial on making book covers that will fit different sizes of books...
Keep tuning in. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later.
Luv to all !