Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garden Color

A quick line today to show you this striking color combo I saw in my yard this afternoon...

 Isn't the lime green and the reddish purple gorgeous together?

And here I'm showing you the little seeds ripening on the Japanese Maple. (There's one in the high center of the picture - going brown!)  I'm watching that tree like a hawk!  I want some seeds to start some little trees for Halloween.  They are very desirable trees around here.  Some people downtown were robbed of theirs.  Someone just dug the tree right out of their front yard!!  They are quite expensive, and I don't know why. Some of them have red leaves year round, and those must be the more desirable.  Ours is green until very late in the fall and then for a week or so the leaves are a gorgeous red and then they all fall off pretty much at one time... like the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter. 

My hobby came with to the Open House at the Project Linus coordinator's house this afternoon.  He was more diligent than I was at looking at all the quilts and afghans.  It was a much nicer show this year because we made more pastel quilts.  Otherwise so many make everything brown.... what kid wants a brown blankie?  We got a cute little notebook for stopping in... every spot along the roads in the neighborhood were parked full of cars. It was a very successful show.

Then I went to Michael's with the very generous gift card I got from my son and daughter  who live in AK.  (She works at the Michael's there, so I had a hunch that's what I might get for my birthday and Mom's Day.)  Anyway, this time I got a truck load of things I've been needing, new pins, spray adhesive for fabric, sewing machine needles, some fabric - I really needed that, sure,  but it was pretty pinks and light reds - oooo lots of stuff.  It was fun to shop for a change. Thank you Michelle and Scot!!!!

I had a lot of fun yesterday getting my quilt onto the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I'm new enough to blogging that it was a new experience linking up to another's blog.  I may try that again....

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Hugs to you all,