Thursday, July 14, 2016

Linking Up to Save $$

It's that time again to link up to Val's Piggy Bank Challenge.  Use this link, or see her "button" on the right side. You have until August 1 to link up.

I saved  $166.25 this last year, and I left some seed money in the savings can (pictured below).


I haven't purchased anything yet. I really don't need any fabric... (Moving twice within the last two years has me talking crazy like this.)  I really don't know what I'll buy with the special money. I was going to buy a nice dress for my class reunion and to wear to church, but looks like we won't be wearing dresses as it is "summer casual".  I did get a dress already from Zulily that I didn't like when it arrived - and they have a NO return policy, so I do have a church dress.  What are you all buying? I probably already have everything a quilty girl could want. Maybe some new rotary blades and a replacement 5" wide cutting ruler. (I've worn off some of the lines on mine... have it for decades already.)

I am going to save the change though. It's a nice side plot in my life.

Happy Coin Collecting!