Monday, November 14, 2011

Latest works...

Hi friends,
I just finished a doll flimsy for a charity.  You remember from my last post, Stitchin' Therapy? She's making dolly quilts to add to the wooden doll cribs and beds being made by another for Christmas.  You just send the flimsy, and she'll finish it up.  When I read about that, I thought about this:

 He still gets a bead for an eye, but I'll leave that to her to put on after she quilts. It'll be easier that way.
I had several cardinal patterns in different books, but they just weren't right. This is the waxwing  from Feathered Friends by Jette Norregaard Nielsen. It just needed a few modifications to become a cardinal.  The pattern from the book is below. Sorry about the glare, I just couldn't prevent that no matter which way I turned the camera.

I built in a couple of leaves and their stems along the stem, added black areas around the beak, added a back to the crest and changed the colors to look as close as I could to a cardinal.  I think it is the state bird of South Carolina, where it is going. Below are my modifications to the design.

And now a picture of the few new Harry Potter inspired paper pieced blocks I've made recently. Patterns are from Fandom in Stitches

That's a Golden Snitch, in case you couldn't tell.
Wish I had cropped this picture.  Anyway, that's what I've been up to.  We've been eating out alot lately, because of the demolished kitchen.  (One of the perks.)  And hubby just bought the last two Harry movies, so on nights when the TV is bad (Wed., Sat and Sunday) we've got something to watch.

Hope all is well with you all!  Thanks for the sympathy for my dead kitchen. Appraiser said at least 3 more weeks, but they haven't started yet. Still waiting for an assessment of the flooring that was there.
Until next time,