Saturday, January 27, 2018

Last Light Blue Saturday of January 2018

Not a very successful month for me...only 2 and 3/4 blocks.  (See previous posts having blue butterflies.)

Here's the work of last week.  This is the 3/4 of a Snowflake block. Maybe I'll finish it today, but hubby is home and requires my attention.

(Patterns for butterflies and snowflakes are from 365 Foundation Piecing Blocks  by Linda Causee. It was a wonderful Christmas gift from my sister, Barbara, in 2005. I've used it for all kinds of patterns, flowers, light houses, borders on an I Spy, birds, etc. It's a paper piecer's bible.)

Even though I love the book, I still have a pet peeve about some of the patterns. See that center "flower"?  I'm leaving that open and going to cover it with a yoyo. That many points coming together would just be a mess.  How come some designers don't understand this?  I see the one in the book that is made  of fabric has no seams there. 

Enough complaining... I'm off to get ready for a late lunch out with my Beau.

Happy Weekend!