Friday, January 21, 2011

New cause!

It's called the Butterfly effect. I couldn't pick up the button - it's a pretty one, but my skills at computer things, or my computer itself, prohibited the button.  I like the cause, and I'm getting to work on the project this afternoon... I'll leave you in the dark for a few moments until you click on the link and read about it yourself.  A little mystery~

Here's the quilt I'm working on now, when I should be doing 9-patch or the Project of Doom patches.  I loved this quilt as soon as I saw it, and am only using fabric from my stash to make it.  What do you think? (Remember you can enlarge any picture by clicking on it.)

The photo from the QuiltMaker Magazine showing the quilt put together.  I copied off the patterns and had to make some of them in reverse - which I did with the help of my light table, a leftover from my typesetting business (which is now out of business for 23 years!)

Still working on the trees.

Once I have the patterns made I pick a big bunch of the colors I like for the project and take them to the couch.  While watching TV I match up the colors to go into the block. Makes the sewing go faster if all the decisions are already made. These fabrics above are for the stars.

Here are some finished blocks of the trees that are done, and waiting for the next step, trimming and then hanging on the design wall. (I keep parts of the projects together in box lids I get for free at Costco.  You know they are always trying to get rid of their boxes. They are a good source for box lids.  Not a good source for moving boxes as they are all cut open or display boxes.)

Some of the unfinished trees are waiting on the end of the ironing board.

Since it's Friday, I'll wish you a happy weekend!!!!!!
I'll try to have something on the design wall for you to see on Monday.
Love yuz,