Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Update on Chrissy, quilt blocks, shopping, new grandbaby 2 B

Thought since you all are praying for my Chrissy that you might like to know that she is home from her surgery - 55% of her liver and 2 lymph nodes removed - and resting (hopefully).  She made it through with flying colors!!!! She is recovering nicely - relapsed one day in the hospital because of all the visitors and phone calls... so they moved her to a new room. She has to walk with a walker right now, and can't climb the stairs.... but she is home.  Her dog ran around in circles when she got home, and then approached Chris very carefully... dogs just know.
Please don't stop praying though. There is chemo coming up in 3 weeks or so, and she will need all the help she can get... again.
Thank you so much for all your help...

I have been sewing on 2 quilts. (Sort of maniacally, I'm afraid.)  The blocks are pretty much completed, well here's the pics...

The red and pink blocks are 5" finished and they are going in a quilt for Project Linus for the Open House in May. We were to make a quilt using only our favorite color and it's shades and tints. You know I loooooove RED. (Notice that my phone is located on, right on, my sewing machine cabinet...just in case my Chrissy should call.)

You've seen these paper pieced blocks, 7" finished, the centers are all yellow, or all pink, or all lavender with the same multicolored batik print around.  It's for the H2H (Hands to Help) Charity Quilt Challenge. Use the link; go there and check it out. There is still time to join in the fun. There will be tutorials, visiting celebrities and prizes. There are two different charities... well, lots of fun besides being a worthy cause.
Yesterday the Hubs went to the chiropractor, and I got to spend the same time at Hobby Lobby. It's new in our area...  I don't go often, cause it is 20 miles away, and I find way too many "wonderful" things there. Yesterday, I found a plaque for my Chrissy, a mold for bangle bracelets to use with resin, and, of course, fabric. I think the man would faint if I came out of that store without fabric. I got a few more pinks. For some reason I don't have alot of that color... must have used more of that than all the rest....Here's a look-see
all washed and ironed, and used in new blocks.

And now (dat da da dah!) the next Brandgaby  Grandbaby to be - Mason Scott Johnson to arrive Aug. 21, 2012 or there abouts.(Our #8 - that's a lucky number, you know.)  Our 44th anniversary will be on the 10th, my Dad's birthday on the 1st, Hubby's Dad's birthday on the 24th, the Mommy's birthday on the 13th, and now another birthday... we'll have a busy August. Just the way I like it.

Sew to summarize:  Please keep praying for my Chrissy!  Sewing like a whirling dervish. New Grandbaby this summer. That is all... for now!
Thank you for visiting.... Hugs to you all!