Saturday, September 27, 2014

New technique to try

I am working on the quilting of the H2H, honest. I have it all set into the sewing machine, ready to go again. But last week on the blogs, I came across a new (to me) technique that I was most anxious to try. I don't remember whose blog it was on, but here is the LINK. It's for making circles using the sewing machine - well, here are some pictures of the ones I tried.

These are the fabrics that my grandson "picked" out for me. (I added a bunch from stash to get enough for a drag along quilt for him.) Then I got the idea to add the circles for contrast - more pieces from stash. (Do any of you enjoy shopping your stash more than going to the store? Lately the stores carry 70s designs, that I really don't care about. I find better stuff in the stash.)
 Anyway, here's one of the circles (below) that I sewed on the machine!  (I purposefully set mine off center, so I didn't have to center them.) (I'm quite proud of them, and it was sooooo easy!
 Below is the circle from the back...
 Some of the other circles
 This red one is my favorite.
Anyway, if you are interested in a new fun technique.

So back to the quilting...
Have a wonderful weekend.