Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Most of all "Thank You"

First I want to Thank all the Veterans for their service.  I have lots of Vets in my life, Grandpa G, my Dad, my Hubby, my 2 Sons and my Son In Law! Thank you all for my Freedom and my Country, and Thank you for all that you sacrificed to defend us and keep us safe. We do appreciate you all!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  It has been a mad house here.  I have kitchen stuff everywhere in the house, and strange men in and out. My kitchen is in a total state of mess! And since lots of the kitchen stuff is in other rooms, the rest of the house it totally messy, too, even more than usual.  Here are some of the before and current pictures.

Just before the "destructo" crew arrived.... Don't look too close cause the dirt around the cupboard door knobs is paint coming off from due to too much cleaning!

After they arrived all the doors into the kitchen were plastic sheeted, and this sign put on the garage door to warn people who might come in unaware. For 3 days we had the plastic covers, a loud fan sucking in air from the garage into the kitchen and the fan with filters pushed the air out an open window in the kitchen... Yes, an open window all night and day!  I was quite scared, even though we live in "Mayberry, U.S.A" sez our son. There have been break ins in our sweet little neighborhood recently.  I wasn't so much scared that they would take anything, but that they might hurt us... and if they had broken the seal on the plastic sheeting it would have let mold spores and asbestos into our sanctuary.
So now we're eating breakfast and sometimes lunch on the table/desk in the computer room. Dinner is being eaten out compliments of the insurance company. (We could have stayed at a motel during the destruction, but we wanted the most money we could for the work, so we don't have to pay any out of pocket, which we don't have.
Hubby hands about to make a sandwich, amidst unrelated kitchen stuff.

Our kitchen in the hallway.

More kitchen stored on the floor in front of the TV! I'm not showing you everywhere there are kitchen parts stored around the house.  Just some of the mess, so you get the idea.

Here is the same spot in the kitchen that I showed above.  Now that the plastic is removed we can see where the water damage was.  The reconstruction guy was here yesterday.  I don't know how long all that will take, but I should have a kitchen by Christmas!

This is the long view from the entry door to the garage door.

They took out all the tiles because they can't match them (they are from the 50s). I'll just have to suffer with some new counter top of my own choosing!!!!!  Oh darn.

Here's where the refrig used to go.  All the flooring had to go, too.  There were several layers, because taking out the original linoleum would have introduced asbestos.  Luckily, they know how to do that now.  So you are seeing the original wooden 2x6es (when they were 2x6 - lumber is called 2x6 now, but doesn't actually measure that large.  They will have to make some arrangement for the shorting.).  And I have real nails!! New houses in the U.S. are mostly stapled together.  How can they, in good conscience, build with junk?

Here in the livingroom, next to my book shelf and ahead of the plastic still hanging, to prevent sawdust and mess coming into the rest of the house when the start the reconstruction.   I really wasn't that attached to my kitchen, but it is still quite upsetting to see it all ripped apart, and in pieces all over the rest of the house.  I hope you never have to experience this.

So I started this.... It's a paper pieced cardinal for a charity doll quilt. (Check out Stitchin' Therapy for details.). Still some pieces in the lower left to finish, and the red & black piece there to rip... wrong color placement.  I've just made one mistake after another on this piece.  I guess my mind is going the way of the kitchen.

Anywho, I hope you are all well, and enjoying the day.
 Thank you again, to all my Veterans, and to all of Yours.