Saturday, March 1, 2014

Does this ever happen to you?

Too many projects at once....

I had to lay these out on the floor. (There was no place on the design wall.)
 They are leftovers from two other quilts I've made... Why did I make over 100 extra blocks?  These are made up of three squares in the middle and 2 rectangles on the outsides of those 3 squares. Really easy. They are mostly blue or green with orange centers, except the orange ones with blue or green centers. I had to sew a couple of rows together right away, so I could get around it.
 I really love it, so it's going to H2H this year. (Last year I used some of these blocks for a quilt for H2H as well.)
Still nothing new here,
 or there. (below)

These 10" pieces are on their way to Val... Hope they help you think Spring.
Thanks for joining in on my Spring Swap!

Happy Weekend Friends!